Worst thing found in a bedroom?

Come on boys, give it some thought.

Mine, without a shadow of a doubt, has got to be just after getting to Soest in 88, the lads got me p1ssed and sent me off with this horrible little midget bird called Anka from Bad Sassendorf.

Upon coming round in her pit the next day, I noticed a pair of UJ boxer shorts pinned to the wall and they weren't mine.

After some questioning, she gladly declared that they were Daz Rutters and he had left them there the night before.

I lived in fear of many, many diseases for a long time after!

A close second was Ginge Gardiner sh*tting in my shoes at Aldergrove, but I p1ssed in his coke the next day and never told him  ;D ;D ;D
Jimmy Lyons after a night in the Minden Bar......Liked to empty his bladder on the nigs, unfortunatley i was one of the nigs on a couple of occasions.

Never seen so much pish come out of a wee man

Close second would be Jack the Hat with no clothes on......( roll out the barrel)

Have also woken up a little too close to Bods tongue for comfort whilst on saltau..... where is the handsome man
Mmmm, an interesting thread MDN.  Mine must be waking up in a hippocrockopigs house in Ripon, complete with stonking hangover, and looking at the bedside draw, and there before me was a used tampon, only recently pulled out to allow seeeeex between myself and said lady.  It was a loooong night (I practised safe seeex, unlike some people).  Apparently, in my drunken state, I pulled the tampon out with my teeth.   :eek: Oh to be young again.

Jack 'The Hat' Mc*****.  Nakid ?  Are you sure?  He was one big bloke.  Had the fortune to attend an adventure training exercise which suddenly turned into an escape and evasion exercise (conned I tells yer, conned !!).  For the group photo, Jack tried to pick up Maj Row***-J**es dog to place on the bonnet of a landrover, which in turn bit Jack on the hand.  I laughed my ruddy tits off.   :D
M*A*S*H party in Gut, early 90's. A game of "Bag a Hippocrockopig" was in full swing with a load of local nurses. G*v R****y (he's still swinging his extreme sports at Odiham) had his hands full with a right minging munter when one of the guys (can't remember who) came into the bar with a bird in a wheelchair who he said was a quadroplegic and game on.  ;D

Still not as sick as G_H though  :eek:
Talking about MASH, on granby there was a BCR SSM for HQ Sqn, replaced Rushton, nicknamed Klinger what an absolute lavatory bowl he was, is he still alive or with a bit of luck he will have died in agony on his Birthday.

Rojos dog was called Dan if I recall, speak to Jurgy about the sexual abuse it recieved at his and Moo's hands........................This is of course untrue but it would be a wheeze to hear them deny it in public.
MMmm, Woopert, I think that just about beats me hands down.... 'quadroplegic and game on', sounds like an orgy to me !!  Did she really consent?

I've come across many dogs in my time (the four legged type), and I must admit, they all suffer some sort of abuse at the hands of the squadron devo's.  You'd think the owner would know this !  MDN, who had the big fcuk off dane in 664?  Man, I used to sit on that and get thrown round the crew room like a bucking bronco.  This thing was around 4 foot in height.  All the troopers fed it NAAFI pies.  And it's dumps where extremely long and black ! :eek:
It was geordie GIles Dog fu**ing monster it was too

bloody thing hated me, used to menstruate all over the sigs bay. Mind you ran off like a cheetah when you gave it 24V & 110 Amps though ;D
I think, if i remember rightly, that the "quadroplegic" was in fact a nurse playing the role. Even so, there are some sick, sick b*st*rds out there!
Woopert, do have any of thier numbers,

Something quite erotic about a roleplaying porno-nurse in a wheel chair & calipers...........mmmmmmmmm.........

The plate in me head is hurtin
Mr Giles, whatever happened to him?  His dog was a monster.  Yeah, I can remember slipping in it's monthly blood fest.  But it didn't half like me sitting on it whilst it went crazy ape bonkers.  Didn't one of the line crew lock it in a Lynx on the pan, and the pilot went and opened the cab door to an irate great dane who had shat everywhere?


I'm now extremely interested in what actually happened at this party?  Did it descend into nakid antics?  If so, please tell.  I've only ever witnessed one act of exhibition, and that was in the Chieftain club in Hobart prison camp, next to the dance floor, with a pads wife wa*king a trooper off.  He had the balls to shoot in front of everyone, dirty barstool.
Geordie now runs a successful fishing outlet in the village down the road from where the above incident took place.

He was at Sids funeral, still ugly mind.

What happened to poppy, dog of Blobby
Something quite erotic about a roleplaying porno-nurse in a wheel chair & calipers...........mmmmmmmmm........
Ref my last on sick b*st*rds.

No nudity I am afraid (at least non that I saw), but much drunken ribaldry.

Worst of it was trashing the mess a matter of weeks after it had been re-fitted. All the chair cushions got put into a pile in the ante-room for the kamikahzi jump off the old ladies-ante room balcony, and the med centre didn't get a load of it's kit back after it had been used for making and drinking Brain Haemorrage out of, and the RM GLO who looked hairier than a gorilla in drag. Not to mention the old BDR practice Scout that got rigged up in the garden stayed their for longer than was agreed with the PMC. Cost us all lots of extra mess subs that month.
MDN, how can you have known geordie giles plus others in Minden and still only be 30 years old?

me thinks your a wee tad older!

;D :eek: :p
Hello Woopert.

Trying to work out who you are cos I was at 661' s ultimate MASH party in the 661 HAS. Yes our Acting OC at the time pulled a stormer.  The sand and the band were great.  By the way, Didnt G.......Ro trap off with the Yank bird that Snowy was doing on the Ex in Spangdahlem? Cant remember the paraplejic though.  661 was a great squadron even if I didnt get what I was promised.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :p :p :p :p :p
After Leaving Minden Geordie went to JLR RAC as a sigs instructor.

He then returned to 9 regt which is where i met him, some five yrs later.
Mr old retired groundie still tryin to guess who u are but i was one of those ppl who got u back to ankers place and das rutter wot a blast from the past soest always a fond place in my heart pity i was pissed for 5 years i was there remember runnin up and down the mohne dam nekid singin the dam busters tune thats it
I remember jumping in the mohne one June night after doing some gazelle jockey's missus called Rebecca following an all nighter in the ben, then elles and then the train station bar (remember that, elles shut at 6:30, half hour walk to the train station, could get a beer at 7).

That was the night that there was a mini riot out there with a load of p1ssed up groundies and Bats jumping up and down on kraut cars .

Fcuk me it was cold ;D

Yes, those were the days.  That's one thing I miss Germany for, the weekends.  Did you ever visit Berlin?  Start on the Kurfusterdam at 9pm, make you way around the little bars, and get into Mon Cherie's around 4am in time for the floor and bath show, leave at 5.30am, go for breakkie across the road (beer and baps) and catch the 6.30 bus to the Edinburgh Hotel or 7 Flt hanger.  

Can't remember what the pub and club was called in Detmold, but can remember some of the sigs lads jumping up and down on a BMW outside McD's around 4 in the morning.  Can also remember a certain RSM's daughter, who did a turn.

Tried the all day thing last New Years Eve/Day in Southport.  All my mates had flaked by 3am, at 4am there was a mini riot outside the nite club, 5am watched as the pizza shop workers had abuse hurled at them, and at 6 I was in hotel getting ready to leave at 10.  Can't wait for the licensing laws to be relaxed !!

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