Worst Television Programmes Ever

Just been listening to the Today Programme and a particular discussion on the worst television programmes ever. The current Charlotte Church show and an early 80s series called "Triangle" were two that got a particular slating. Can't say that I disagree although the current series that I hate is "Will and Grace", an american series based on a really irritating New York shirtlifter and his pathetic flatmate. Any others that make you want to turn off the telly and read NBC pamphlets instead?
Usually anything American: Will and Grace, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond (I don't, I want to put his testicles through a mincer) and every other pointless, syndicate written sitcom.

Also: My Family, Eldorado, Wife Swap, Strictly Come Dancing, Strictly Dance Fever, X Factor, I'm a Celebrity..., Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Chimpfest, any of the National Lottery programs, MTV Cribs/Footballers Cribs(WTF?), Footballers' Wives and, of course, Big Brother.

The special award for absolute tripe, though, goes to Cirque de Celebrite: I know Sky One aren't renowned for quality programming, but this really sucks the c0ck of death.
Heard it too.

My own choice of swith-off TV is just about any sort of 'reality' TV, especially 'Big Brother', 'Makeover' programmes, Soaps, endless back to back episodes of 'Fools and Horses' and 'Last of the Summer Wine' on Sky TV and oh yes, I nearly forgot 'Most bloody Haunted' - God I hate that programme!

In short, just about everything that allows people to live vicariously lives and destroys the brain's capacity to articulate independent rational thought which is just about everything the bloody wife watches!
Most of the modern remakes of the old childrens classics usually make me turn off the telly when I'm in to watch it. Remakes of things like Transformers (used to love the original when I was younger).

Also got to agree with BC with Cirque de Celebrite. If you've seen one series getting washed up "celebrities" doing pointless things then you've seen them all. Far too much of this useless drivvel on tv!
although the things mentioned are all pretty much awful, it doesn't beat most of the crap they show on music television (german music television, that would be)

1. LOOK HOW RICH CELEB XYZ IS!!! (that's all it's about)
2. a 16 year old american tart organises a party. basically all about shallow american teens
3. top 100 celeb this&that, working through all the scandals of whatever celeb, complete with a gay mong commenting on whatever they're talking about. (when i say gay i mean utterly anus rippingly queer)
Buffy the vampire slayer.
How clean is your celebrity big brother chef type crap

(I think this is NI only) The Stephen Nolan Show. Cnut.
When I was a kid I hated Button moon, and I also thought that Top Cat was about as sh1t as it got.

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