Worst tattoo ever?

I have recently been on the AASAA course - the new modularised one (let's not get into that just now!

There was a RAF Regt Reservist who had on his upper arm Infantry Battle School arched round the top then a bayonet then below that Brecon just like the IBS badge. Sadly he was even proud of it claiming he got it done after doing junior brecon!

It has to be up there amongst the worst tattoos I have seen.

Whats the worst you have seen?


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There was a chap in 1/52 HIGHLAND who had tatooed LAND SCOT on his knuckle.
A badly drawn pint pot with the name Greg tattoed under it on a milky white tit that I spent a night suckling on in Salisbury.
Why did your Mum have 'Greg' tattooed on her tit? Was that your Dad's name?

Anyway, soldier mag ran a story during Gulf War 1, where two lads pre-deploying to Saudi went to a German tattooist and had "DESSERT RATS" tattooed on their arms with the obligatory red rat underneath.
There was a WRAC scammel driver at bovington many moons ago, the name gravelgob springs to mind, beautiful example of glaswegian sink estate womanhood, she had tat's on her upper arms and shoulders consisting of groups of 4 numbers, at one count in the narfi bar she had FORTY sets of last fours, all of whom must have been totally ratarssed to sh*g that.

Always liked this monkey tat.



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Did once in a BMH see on the upper left arm of a wee Royal Highland Fusilier, "Fu ck the first Battalion, the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders" Beautiful italic script, each letter about an inch high, very nicely done, shame was that we'd just put him under GA when we noticed so never got the story behind it.
Am I the only one that finds the craze for females of all ages with tattoos a real turn off.

I don't mind the odd small one, beautifully done, but when there are more than one or two larger ones, I couldn't even get a hard on even if they were the most beautiful girl in the world and lay down naked with their legs spread apart.

I did 25 years in the Army and never felt the need to decorate my body with any.

I don't mean to be contraversial, its just a personal thing !
This one takes the biscuit. Imagine what happens if he ever has kids? That's if he can ever bed a girl again!
Not mine but a pretty epic fail:

'Romantic' trick tattoo to stay

When teenager Joanne Raine had her boyfriend's nickname "Roo" tattooed on her stomach it was supposed to be a sign of her undying love.

The 19-year-old from Darlington paid £80 for the Chinese artwork in 2004 and was delighted with the results.

That was until she showed it off in a Chinese takeaway and found out it actually spelled "supermarket."

The pair have now split up, but Miss Raine said she will keep the tattoo because she cannot afford a new one.

She said: "I did it because I wanted to show him how much I loved him and he had one done as well.

"I did not think about whether it meant forever. I'm just going to have to keep it as I can't afford to get another one done."
Story from BBC NEWS:
BBC NEWS | England | 'Romantic' trick tattoo to stay

Published: 2007/12/11 20:41:50 GMT

While we're looking at RN tats - this is from the Armourers Workshop album - Herrick 9

This is exactly the tattoo my uncle who was in the US navy had.

A few years back he ploughed his plane into a mountainside. The two could possibly be connected.


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Suddenly remember a twat I knew who had a tat done in Hong Kong, Guy should have been more careful when he wrote it down for the tattooist as he ended up with "Who Dares, Wing."

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