Worst TA Sandhurst Lecturettes

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Stonk Rigid, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. Just back from an ITD weekend and got on to the topic of lecturettes at TA Sandhurst. I described a particularly bad one by someone who was at the TACC for their second time, only to find he was on a previous course and gave the same cr#p lecturette - this rather rotund chap gave it on Ptarmigan and have still to experience a more woeful display!!

    Any extremely bad experiences?
  2. Not TACC, but a local pre-Briefing Briefing. One guy having to make something up at a moment's notice when he was told that his chosen topic of "Napoleon's campaign in Russia" (that he'd worked on until about 01:00 that morning while we were all in the pub), was unacceptable as we had been asked to do something totally un-military. Cue 15 toe-curling minutes on "what I did on my holidays".
  3. I would imagine that a lecturette on the habits and habitats of this jolly and sporting bird would be quite gripping. Your lack of interest in game shooting indicates that you are probably unsuited to commissioned life. :)

    The worst TACC lecturette I ever saw was one given by a friend of mine. In it he was seeking to push the messages about Individual Battle Prep. He had decided to show the dangers of carrying non-safety matches in one's pocket. Having given the lecturette almost to its conclusion, his scenario required everone to "take cover". He dived onto the deck and the matches duly flared, producing a satisfying smoke signature. As he went on to describe why this was bad, they further flared and his smock burst into flames! A quick thinking Gunner candidate (me) quickly put him out with a water fire extinguisher. However the carnage left was quite awesome....I'd forgotten about that...thanks, that has cheered me up. I may ring him later and wind him up too. Top show...
  4. A bloke on mine gave a lecture on "The Correct Use of an Officer's Swagger Stick."

    We were all relieved when he finished, only then to relive the lecturette in video format two minutes later.
  5. It was almost believable until you used the words "quick thinking" and "Gunner" in the same sentence :?
  6. Had a chap in my platoon provide a fine lecturette on how to pull women. He pulled two of the females in the platoon before the end of the week. One on excersize (as his buddy, I was obliged to change bashers)
  8. One of the nice things about DSing these :twisted: is that over the years you tend to pick up just enough knowledge about most subjects to ask just the right question of anyone you suspect might just be a cuffing blunt. Always good fun when the PO decides to impress with his/her hillwalking exploits but can't name a single hill, and/or when you ask them to describe the view from the top of the one Ben that they could name.
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    One of the other candidates on my commissioning board gave one of the most boring lectures I have ever seen. I can't remeber the exact topic but it was something about the Hong Kong Civil Service. Her English was not too good and she delivered the whole thing in a mpnotone.

    To amke matters worse because your truly was trying to look interested, for the benifit of the DS, she addressed the whole lecturette at me...
  10. Best one I heard was "Jaffa Cakes: cake or biscuit?"
  11. That must have been a short one. Everyone knows its a cake!

    Cake goes hard. Biscuits go soft.