Worst song ever written.

For me, the worst song ever written isn’t one you might readily think of. It’s not Joe Dolce’s ‘Shaddapa Your Face’ not is it Middle of the Road’s ‘Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep’. In fact it’s John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

I know what some of you are thinking. ‘How dare you criticise the best songwriter that this country has ever produced?’ The answer is, easy; the song is bollocks.

Consider this;

He’s imagining there’s no possessions. Right. Erm, didn’t notice you giving up yours when you were lying stinking in your pit with your Japanese bint and all those camera crews about giving you free publicity. That’s for your altruistic campaign, obviously. Helping down-at heel people whom you haven’t actually seen but have heard something about and decided you have to weigh in without spending anything.

He’s imagined there’s no countries. Well there are, and always will be. Live with it hippy.

‘Imagine all the people, living life in peace’. That’s just the puerile crap we’d expect from someone with no grip on anything approaching reality.

In short friends, it’s the politics of the playground set to music. I really want to get this shiite out of our national pantheon of ‘things that are good because everyone agrees they are, but without thinking about it’

Will you help me, or do you think I’m barking?

Either way your views are appreciated. Especially if they agree with me :)
shouldn't this have been placed in the NEW music forum, and all things arrtsy? methinks it should've :D besides...lennon and macartney are 2 of britains best songwriters...get your lovebeads out of yer arrse and light some joss sticks....put a log on the fire and get that kaftan oot...lets dance!!!! :p
Yes, fair anough... was thinking whether this forum was the right one or not. But you can't help thinking that they shot the wrong one can you?
Anough? forgive me. And thank you Canteen Cowboy, for your swift and apparently effortless intervention.
anyway i actually agree with your sentiments, Imagine is not a song that i would ever have in my mind as a good one.

*dons EBA* and shares shellscrape with L_J :wink:
even though i like the beatles and appreciate what they did for British music i personally feel Ringo should've gone first....his singing was arrse.... and he was the ugly dude in the band. :lol:
Isn't this the most wonderful site? People who agree with your views, yet take the piis anyway. Fantastic!
oops...sorry...just trying to get some input into this forum.....everybody has tunes in their house/room...you think they'd have a little more to say on the subject...maybe?
Good try mate. It's late now, I'm a bit pissed, and soon be time for bed. Hoped for some more nominations though; never mind, there's always tomorrow!
yeah....lol...i'll add anything by an all girl/boy band...half the time.........1. it's been done before
2. they didn't write it
3. their thin/good looking image betrays the people that buy the stuff
4. their record company bins them if they don't make the grade (after their first single!!!)
5. they mime and are flooked without a backing track....
6. i could go on but it's boring myself thinking about it...I BELIEVE IN GUITAR AND DRUM!
Maybe not the worst ever but - Busted, Year 3000.
Immortal line.........."Not much has changed but they live underwater"
Hmmm, Imagine how things would be if a lot had changed!


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I totally agree with Imagine being shiite - what a dirge. But to get to the worstest ever song it has to be


God that was and still is the song that has probably encouraged more suicides than any other. I hate it with a passion - and when some tart gets up at a karaoke to sing it - URRRRRGH.
Agadoo by Black Lace?

I get flash backs if that is played ..... :(
Yes! I Will Survive is guaranteed to get every pished up minger in the place dancing round their handbags and SHOUTING the chorus in purple-faced revenge against the entire male population.

Oh, and Lady in Red should be listed in the British Pharmacopeia as an official depressant. Always played at wedding receptions for some reason.
""Angels" by Robbie Wiiliams. I have been in pubs where virtually every bint in the room has had their snouts pointed sky wards howling along to the chorus..
Honey by Bobby Goldsborough and Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks what a pair of cnuts...


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Lennon was a Cnut (see recent biog by his ex-wife), and McCartney remains only marginally less so.

Together, they were great.

Apart, dross.

Imagine remains one of my all-time hated songs. Drug addled, rich-ex-hippy-isn't marxism-wonderful-if-you-don't-affect-my-lifestyleeeee crap.
Old Snowy, I want to bezzer you! That's exactly why this site remains THE place for all right-thinking people. And a few mongs and walts, of course.
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