Worst/seediest Nightclubs/"Niteklubs"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sfub, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Before you get to the Urban E & E, you get captured. We've all been in them... licensed toilets usually calling themselves "Niteklubs"; mine have been The Owls and The Rhythm Station in The Shot, Sammy's in Exmouth and more or less all of Union Street. There are others, but I'm getting old and the current Mrs reads this, so I'll be discreet... :oops:
    So, what are the worst clubs you've been in and what memories have you got? (if any)
  2. Brontes in Ripon,

    Sticky floors and a step down on the way out to make pissed squaddies trip.

    a dance floor with a garden fence around it and gagging bogs

  3. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Cha Cha's in Fally.
  4. Zum Landsmun in Munster

    Mad Dogs in Wanchai

    Sin Bin in Med Hat

    Gatsby's in Reading

    Chaplin's in Andover
  5. The Dome- Sennelarger Strip
    Savoys- Paderborn

    The Dome- Dover

    These are just a few memorable locations noted for their watered down spirits and lager,sticky floors and dodgy music......and dodgy women(that word is used as a loose description...as were their morals and knickers)!
  6. Cheeks in Aldershot. Floors so sticky you were bare foot after 5 paces, quite possibly some of the most revolting bogs in the world and full of horrible fat stinking hippocrockagrillapigs.

    Chicagos in Windsor the sinks behind the bar used to stink of sick, even on an afternoon when in there watching the footie and again filled to the brim with truffle hunting swamp donkeys of the highest order.
  7. Chaplin's in Andover

    Athena in Telford...

    Anywhere in Catterick

    Elephant Bar, Pfullendorf... :D
  8. Club 47/sammy's - gutersloh pooey
  9. Joanna's in Southsea circa mid 80s

    One visit there and three weeks later a follow up with the cock doc in Nelson :(
  10. what was the one opposite Southsea railway station?

    that was a complete shiite hole too
  11. Caddilacs - Bielefeld
    The Dome - Sennelager
    Rauls - Belize
    Stickies (Coach House)- Amesbury
  12. The moon "nightclub" - Glasgow

    ended up there after a night out on town, some kid snorting coke off the urinal (trough style) while i was pissing, sticky carpeted floor, heffers dancing in day-glow...
  13. Scabs in Catterick.

    Fagins in Colly.

    JB in Warminster.

    All had the compulsory items of minging/broken/shitfilled/vomitfilled bogs.

    Over priced and watered down drinks and of course uglymuntinglardarsedhorrorpigs.
  14. Votlz - Blandford
    Tiffs - Blandford
  15. The State - Liverpool
    The Crown - Limervady
    Century 2000 - Southsea
    Fagins/Slipstream - Colly
    Rumpelstiltskins - Monchengladbach

    All proper sh*t tips when I look back now, what was I doing?