Worst Rupert ever


I know that this could be stuck in juniors or even seniors or at least in Infantry where my experience goes but there must be an officer (I'll respect opsec etc) that even 10 years after leaving you hear tales from other regiments about what a complete tool this person is!
My Favourite has to be my first Adj in Bn. AA are his initials. Stories of his exploits at the depot were legendary, even made a national tabloid. Men from other Bns in our larger regt told us tales of his utter idiocy and blatant I'm right attitude. From stopping a hot pursuit for a sitrep (he was in the ops room) to insisting our team was at the incorrect address for a lift and his wheels were at the correct addy (ops room again) to insisting upon real milk in his tea (no tinned syrup for his nibs). Our esteemed colleagues from the D&D supporting us named him capt Schermully (very apt)!
4 years after leaving regs I was Gd commander at St Martins Plain and whilst sneaking a few dozen shorts down my neck in the NAAFI I overheard some old sweats from a nearby reg unit moaning about our Adrian. Needless to say I had a wonderful night reminiscing about his leadership and man management skills. I sure hope they broke the mold with him!
Rifleman69 said:
Me too and trhere are hods in the security industry
and some are gwar too :evil:


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Rifleman69 said:
Me too and trhere are hods in the security industry
No mate, there are hods in the building industry.
Yup, but then they often had a similar reputation when in as well. CVs can be very revealing, time spent away from Regimental duty and short toured command tours being combat indicators amongst many etc

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