Worst rock singers and bands

This is sort of a follow on from the best female singer thread, which reminded me of just how many fine singers there are who I really ought to listen to more than I do.

However, listening to a "classic rock" radio station over the last few days I became aware of just how many shite singers and bands there are who IMHO do not deserve the appellation "great". For starters here is my selection, along with the reasons I don't like them:

The Ramones - shite full stop. Lyrics apparently written by a 12 year old. Unable to play more than three chords. Everything sounds the same.

Neil Young - horrible whiny voice, shite guitar solos and pointless lyrics. Lynyrd Skynrd thought he was a ****** which is good enough for me.

Saxon - "wheels of steel" - lyrics of shite more like.

Bob Dylan - dull, boring. Can't sing.

Rolling Stones - as much as I like Keith Richards guitar sound and admire him as a true rock god, they haven't done anything new for years except release "remastered" copies of old albums, with bonus tracks of "previously unreleased material" (ie stuff that wasn't considered good enough to release at the time).

Kiss - uninspiring dull ballad band - if it wasn't for the makeup they'd be long forgotten by now.




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You see, the problem is that it's all very subjective. One man's Meatloaf is another man's Poison.
Personally, I like Neil Young. And Crosby, Stills, Nash and whomsoever else that joins them. I also like Sinatra, Peggy lee, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Love listening to AC/DC and Twisted Sister, as well as Placido Domingo and Kathleen Ferrier. I even rather like some of Take That.

Most people have catholic tastes ( and I don't mean choirboys) Although, I do like The Quireboys.

I think that Will whoever I am is pants, and really don't like rap music with all the Dizzy/Jazzy/Spazzy (insert initial here) types. But they have a huge following, so am I wrong or are the zillions who buy their records tone deaf and stupid?

Subjective, innit?
Elton John. Early days some good stuff but to me he will always be the consummate pub singer.
Agreed Agreed.

And why does anybody rate the latter offerings of Paul McCartney? Very high irritation factor.

Radiohead just seem to linger on like a bad smell but at the top of my pile of shit bands is Coldplay. Overproduced advert musak for self pitying bed wetters.
The Killers, one hit wonder that was played to death.

Got dragged to one of their concerts by the old Mrs. They couldn't sing, terrible at playing instruments and worst of all people were talking as if they were the saviours of modern music and the best thing since sliced bread.
That grave yard toothed paddy from the Pogues has always made my shit itch.
Err, born in Kent. Brought up mostly in London and Brighton. Went to a Prep school near Tunbridge Wells. Public school education at Westiminster. Yerman Shane's as much a Paddy as Al Jolson was African. Often too peshed to actually sing which wasn't a bad failing.

I nominate Bono who can sing, but is a hypocritical, fat, tax dodging, ****.
Jesus and Mary Chain. Always made your expensive Mission speakers sound as though they were buggered (back in the days of analogue stereo systems)
Gentlemen I give you Judas Priest, just about the naffist rock band ever, all other choices pail in to comparison. They are the front for Spinal Tap, and Bad News.
I just don't get Joy Divison

Dull, amateurish and void of talent
The utimely death of Ian Curtis seems to have propelled him to have an unwarrented cult status
As has already been pointed out........subjective.

But I give you my most hated of all time............Elvis F***ing Presley.......first 3 years great,after that,forget it.

And,to the OP........Dylan such a brilliant lyricist/poet........he don't need to sing good! ;-)

But of course that's just my opinion.:threaten:


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Dave Gilmour is pretty gash at singing truth be told.

Likewise Mark Knopfler and Brian May.

Must be something to do with being awesome at guitar.

I can't actually think of many really really good guitarists who can also sing.

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