Worst RHA on telly

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Snakes_R_Us, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. If your reading this tune in at 2230, (or 1030pm for the hairy benders not that the CAD boys will be up that late) to BBC1 for the Documentary that followed 1RHA around Telic.

    Obviously this is a warmer into the bank for the post show review :twisted:
  2. Thought it was the other way around and 1st followed all the other units around telic picking the brass up?
  3. Not to bad a programme i suppose, still played up for the Tv abit though
  4. Should have been longer.
  5. Not too bad really. Suprised the good old BBC didn't do the usual anti British spin on it.

    Swift & Jiffed- Got a T-Shirt with that on :D
  6. Not too bad really. Suprised the good old BBC didn't do the usual anti British spin on it.

    Swift & Jiffed- Got a T-Shirt with that on :D
  7. Interesting that one of the poster children for the modern british army is a fat fcuk who is too unfit to wear fully packed assault vest :D
    I also somewhat indignant at the lack of a gunner of asian extraction - then we would have had the full PC agenda filled. Did anyone else notice the convinient choice of a lass and a black man, as well as the other two toms?
  8. One of my last great memories I have is being on ex laying in a shellscrape cammed up in all round defence. Photographer comes over to take a pic for Gunner mag and the BSM stopped "No" he says "he's not good looking enough" and proceeds to direct him to one of the female toms facing the wrong way, with 3 lines of cam on the face and blonde hair sticking out everywhere

    Yep thats the image to sell a fighting unit that :roll:
  9. Chick, black sgt 'g', misfit chubby lad with 'loads of experience' and newbie. Guess no asian available as previously stated but otherwise quite typical selection.

    All working class background etc too :wink: :lol:
  10. give it a few more weeks and every creed will have their day!!
    watch out for the wives, stunning!
    this took a year to film and its only on for 8 weeks, I was hoping for a reality show rather than chats to camera.
  11. Hey. This site's not big enough for four bouncing norks. Be off with you!
  12. For once, the BBC were pretty good. Better than news reporters who are like spoilt children when they were out there. Quite nice people as well. Well done the BBC. :!:
  13. Nice Norks by the way!
  14. I watched the last episode on Tue 25 Jan 05. I say watched but in reality I had to keep turning the channel over due to the 'cringe factor' :evil:
    Was that young tom for real? Went on R & R in uniform then out on the lash with his family whilst still wearing uniform, the big timing pr*ck.
    The fat blond bird was a cracking advertisement for the army too - join up play with cuddly toys and fcuk a fat, balding no mark.

    If there's any gunners from 1 RHA on this site can they do me the honour of booting the shiite out of these oxygen thieving cnuts ( blondie included ).

    Cheers :D
  15. I got a phone call off my mate when it was on.

    He was at Al Amarah at the same time as the program was filmed, and he couldnt believe that when they were catching so much shit, this lot were walking about in civvies and slippers and playing on swings

    The choice of characters- hmmm :roll: