Worst pubs in Britain

Friends, Romans, fellow ARRSERs, for the last two afternoons I have done my best to cheer up an old mucker in the hallowed halls of Hounslow's Wetherspoons pub. It is the Mos Eisley cantina transported to this galaxy and old Obi Wan's quote about scum and villany rings true. Fortunately for me it is dirt cheap and this is fortunate for my mucker too given that he imbibes Stella like tap water. It is down there in my list of the worst ten pubs of all time. Does anyone have any advance on this?
Rhyl used to have a pub by the station called the Bee, for a £5 the bird behind the bar would serve you topless, for a £10 you'd be happy she kept her fucking top up!


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The Ram in Tidowrth. It makes the Mos Eisley Cantina look like a sophisticated, cosmopolitan wine bar.
Stay out of the Lord Raglan, Higher Openshaw, Manchester.

Proper shit hole, I was in there once when a joiner was in making a right noise patching up the windows that had been put in the night before, a big buck nigger who was nursing half a Guiness and a hangover just walked up to him, took his hammer off him and told him to fuck off, away he went :)
valiant soldier, near leconfield. those who have been will testify that its a shit hole
The Albert, Southport. Beer is disgusting, as are the bar staff. Even the lemonade is flat.


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Stay away from The Ship in Croydon..fatal stabbings every Friday night
The Wetherspoons pub?? If so, like all Wetherspoons, yet another blight on the High St, full of Croydon's finest dregs and slops slurpers.
the now kaput legends in preston

full of preston moon heads catching flies and always up for a tussle

you could walk up to one and ASK for a scrap, and that was the birds !!!
What pisses me off about modern day pubs is they try to have a "theme" ie pretentious crap all over the walls it's a pub not a fucking bric a brac shop.
A pub I go into often in Prestatyn is called the Halcyon Quest.....I know! Anyway theres a fucking row boat stappled to the celling, what the fuck that has to do with swigging ale down is anyones guess.
valiant soldier, near leconfield. those who have been will testify that its a shit hole
Blimey, the list of grott pubs in Beverley is a long as your arm; The Push, Nellies, Green Dragon, The Oddfellows Arms, The White Horse etc etc.
E-4-4 int.

The Ship = Full of student wankers. Smells of piss. Nothing special.
The Ship of Fools = A Wetherspoons pub in West Croydon, just inside the badlands 100m north of Station Rd, that has a remarkably good cellar and well trained staff. The local international riff-raff outside on the pavement do not venture in. Actually one of Croydon's better pubs. I remember when it was an Argos in the late 70s early 80s and the rear loading bay had remarkably crap security. As kids we used to break in an nick the Atari games consoles.

Neither of these pubs are dangerous. A-1-1 int.
Wetherspoons, Woking - drink your white cider first in the bogs and then buy a half.
O'Neil's, Woking - Put on a fake Oirish accent to humour the Eastern European trash.
The Dollar Arms, Dollar, Scotland - the bass player from the Bay City Rollers used to drink there.
The Clovenford Arms, Clovenfords, Scotland - cue "Duelling Banjos" type music.
The Western Pub, Edinburgh - strippers with tits down to their knees.
The Fox and Flowerpot, Goldsworth Park - count how often it changes hands.
The Trafalgar, Aldershot - full of wannabees from The Balcony.
Any Pub in Hereford - full of THEM wannabees.
Any Bar in central Dortmund - guaranteed for a fight if you so much as think in English.
Any theme Pub - 'cos it's crap.
The Castle Campbell Bar in the hotel -the freaking tartan carpet makes your head spin.

More when I remember....
kings head was the worst, full of short haired shot putters in tight dresses sweating like pigs and full of sailor tats

thats that swanky pub in beverley

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