Worst Piece of Basic Kit?

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by pongo6863, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. What was the worst piece of basic kit you were issued when you first joined up?

    For a start I'll propose shirts, hairy. When I think of all the elastoplast I bought to prevent my nipples being sanded away... :oops:
  2. Large pack and kidney pouches!
  3. 58 Pat water bottle pouch, that shrunk as soon as water bottle was taken out!!
  4. Puttees?
  5. Drawers Cellular
  6. Nylon inner soles.
  7. I'll agree with that and raise you "Liner Sleeping bag(Green Nylon, useless for the use of)"!
  8. +1 Shirts hairy, defo!
  9. Green plastic bayonet frog!
  10. Known to us as 'Jungle Jims'. They made good swimming trunks if you sewed up the fly.
  11. Take it you never got one "worn in" properly then, if you washed them in dreft for the first few times, they actually became quite soft and took a better crease, ok the first 20 or so wears were like putting on a scotchbrite sweatshirt, but after that....fine..
  12. Boots DMS,like wearing a fcukin sponge when wet my poor feet. Puttees because of the Tank park snakes :crying:
  13. No mate, never did. :( Those itching shirts used to send me mental especially on a long sweaty tab. Fortunately, after basic my unit tended to wear No 2 shirts in barracks. :D
  14. Button stick for feck sake who used one of those.