Worst or most useless pressie?

Ok the kids have demolished the house, the dog has been sick from stealing chocolate, so what is the pressie that made you go WTF? For me has to be the slippers im in plaster till March so why?
I got a Bible?????? W.T.F. was my Nan thinking?
Wife still sulking, as I wrapped a brick up and placed it inside 7 boxes and wrapped each one individually( used 12 rolls of sellotape), when she finally got it out to find a painted brick with "Your presents behind the sofa" written on it. Proper strop till i threatened to take the fecking thing back to the jewellers.
theiftaker said:
Proper strop till i threatened to take the fecking thing back to the jewellers.
can you take back a "pearl necklace" :? :? :? :?
Jumpers that any golfer wouldn't be seen dead in, thanks mum
I've got one present this year, so by default it counts as both worse, most useless and best. It's a painting by an 11 year old. 'S nice actually.
just got a c.d. holder off my sister with a knackered zip! :x merry xmas sis!!!! :roll:
Ive got loads of tolitries brilliant when im flying back to germany only with hand luggage in the new year
two condoms in the box I got sent for telic 11, obviously they have not seen the clerks we have, or the detached window licking platoon as they get called!
I just gave Mrs Iron money to buy clothes and cosmetics at the weekend and wrap up her self as she always gets a bag on with what i buy her.

Shes still p*ssed off with the dishwasher i bought two years ago and the VAX hoover the year before that, but their still going strong and she's had plenty of use out of them.

Anyway Scotty why are you out the kitchen, surely theres women things to can be doing....hop to it :twisted:
Gray woolie gloves (that got a mention on another thread) from wife's gran, they had a hole in! She hates me, she like my sis in law used to buy me beer!.
I got a pair of wellington boots last year... go figure.
this year a look at sis in law nekked, just a look though
I called my mother before opening my prezzie. She asked if my dressing gown fitted and I duly informed her that I had not opened the prezz.

She immediately apologised for ' letting the cat out of the bag'.

The same cat has been 'in the bag' for the last four years and all are identical.
theiftaker said:
I got a Bible
It's worth a read - knowledge is power.

I have read it, it's not a bad read.

(disclaimer - I have made good inroads into my 10-year old single malt) so I might be talking absolute bo11ox)
mother dear got me pyjamas. and a fucking selection box. every sodding year since i was 4 ive had a fucking selection box. i want to kill the soppy old duffer with a curly wurly.

gf got me bourne ultimatum and box set of the indiana jones films. mega!

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