Worst Officer thread

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by error_unknown, May 29, 2005.

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  1. After some consideration, I decided to delete the 'Worst Officer' thread. This is not intended as a criticism of those who contributed to it or started it, but it struck me as unfair that we should be taking anonymous subjective swipes at cryptically identified individuals, particularly as they aren't necessarily in a position to respond. It also seemed to me 'unhealthy' that we should all be trying to work out who the targets were and, doubtlessly, racking our brains for examples of other alleged incompetents.

    I'm not banning criticism of officers or anyone else from the Int Corps board, but it does need to be reasoned, reasonable and justified.
  2. sounds fair enougth 2 me
  3. It was a bloody stupid thread to start and unworthy of response.
  4. I seem to remember we went round this bouy when arrse first started and some fingers were pointed certain individuals.

    Last time it ended in tears, perhaps this was a wise Mod's decision.

    ( Seamus: my money is still on ****** though !! )
  5. Instead of threads like this we need ones about the best looking girl in the corps. :)
  6. Seconded. Don't want to see any poofy blokes seeking 'equality' though.
  7. 'Miss Green and Slimy'? :D
  8. It's the best way.
  9. So who is going to get the ball rolling?
  10. Well, there are some very good looking Officers.
  11. Indeed there are.

    Sorry, but,

    I've just come. :oops:
  12. How about restarting the thread with "What is the worst thing you have been called by an officer"?
  13. I once spent some happy months in Attache Branch in Templin Barracks.

    My nomination is **** ****y from Squad 57, or was it 56?

    She subsequently married one of the DS on her A3 ?

    Years later I was told she took quite a shine to one of the Tour NCOs, until she was told which way he swung


    Hasn't Quedlingburg got a Q in it as well?
  14. I'd say the Corps has got enough 'rough' female WO2s to negate all the good looking officers, JNCOs and S/Sgts put toghther.
  15. I'd still do 'em.