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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by error_unknown, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. How about having a 'Worst of ARRSE' forum to act as the 'That's What I Call ARRSE' board's evil twin? This would give us somewhere to park all those old'n'nasty threads like skiffing, following through, mong abuse, etc etc.
  2. and anything by chrisjohn316
  3. Good idea, though I would prefer an Arrse Punishment Colony, or Gulag, where threads that deal with Choppers like Chrisjohn, LNV , B_B, Lekta etc get banished. We could even have an Arrse Punishment or "Hell" battalion, a la Sven Hassel. :D I am sure they had something like that in the "Good Soldier Schweik", though it has been a long time since I read it.
  4. Skiffing, following through and mong abuse are some of the threads that make the naafi great. They only dont make it into the best of arrse because its in the "well behaved" area of the site. We could have a "best of naafi" sticky at the top where links to all the class threads from over the years are put. Straight there without having to endure anything by chrisjohn.

  5. Consider it done.
  6. Yep maybe page one of the naafi could be where all the best threads are 'stickied' anyone trashing them gets stomped on.