Worst, most evil training area?

Worst, most evil, training area?

  • Cape Wrath

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  • Sennybridge

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  • Salisbury Plain

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  • Dartmoor

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We've all been there, on some horrendous exercise in the arse end of nowhere, made all the worse by a combination of the weather and staff officers. This poll is your chance to give vent to the rage! Think of it as a form of primal scream therapy to help you overcome the horror.

So vote for your contender for worst UK training area and tell the world why!
Just for wet, wind, cold, millions of mozzies when its not cold, shitiest ground (Babies heads and craters) my vote goes to

Garelochead in Scotland (Which is another reason its WANK)
Just for standing on a wind swept saddle waiting for the enemy to reposition itself prior to a platoon attack in driving sleet while all the crow (and myself) go down with hypothermia - Otterburn!

For the absolute nailsness of the training area (massive hills, swampy low ground, inpenetrable forrestry blocks, babies heads and sh1tty weather) - Galloway Forest (and the fact I'd only just see Dog Soldiers as well - which added it's own scary dimension to it)

For bleakness and crap weather - Kirkudbright.

For constantly sweating my tits off, eating everything with a layer of grit, having the VRC353's fans on constant turbo, having a picture taken of you everytime you hang your arrse out for a dump and having to wear the same pair of pants for 28 days - BATARRSE
Its been a long time but 2 stick out for me,up and down the feckin sand dunes at Penhale,and up and down the Cobbler and the sh1te accom at Garelochead
Definitely Otterburn for me. Them shit*y shingle/shale whatever you call them roads and then the baby's heads when you go off them are the stuff squaddies really have nightmares about.

Someone else has mentioned about the forrestry blocks too, nightmare, got stuck in one of them with quite a junior section for hours a few years ago. Not good, in fact I never want to go back to that place again!
Garelochhead, there is a reason why it's that verdant. Oh and the midges just add the finishing touches.
Dug in on Barry Ridge, Barry Buddon, in the middle of January for 10 days, Fcuk that was cold. No cold weather gear in them days. I still don't know how we survived.

Stinking, sticky, sh1tty red clay. Yep, its sennybridge. I hate it.

Oh and Castlemartin purely because it truely is in the arrse end of nowhere.
Long Valley at the Shot.

The Training Area wasn't too bad, but the fucking Training was.

poland followed by Soltau , now that is the arse end of the world ! Poland where the Divers dont go in the pond because its FULL of Chemicals thrown in during the cold war days ! Soltau days on end driving around the Bivvie areas followed by wolfgang ! No Uk aint got nothing on over here !
Otterburn - 10 days in the forest - midge city. It's as if someone has ripped the end off a teabag and is shaking it in your face :(

Did not mind Sennybridge. Was not too keen on the run from Celeni village to the assault course then a "fun" shoot. Falling plate up the hill opposite :(
Anyone who has had the misfortune to walk over areas X, Y and Z in the north of Otterburn, at any time of year knows what misery really is. Gets my vote.
Soltau first, feckin mud feckin mud feckin more mud, cam up cam down, move 10 yards cam up cam down move 10 yards buy Bratty from big blue van parked next to your lovely cammed up hide.


The_Fudger said:
Just for wet, wind, cold, millions of mozzies when its not cold, shitiest ground (Babies heads and craters) my vote goes to

Garelochead in Scotland (Which is another reason its *)
what a great place that was - not.

And the luxury nissen hut accomodation - sheer class - what a complete turdhole of a place
Otterburn's got it's own fcuking weather system.


Got to be Garelochead......Rain and midges..and the worst camp i have seen...
Shite hole of a an area..
Echo all sentiments re Soltau,9 months of mud followed by 3 months of dust.

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