worst military sayings

this might have been done before, i checked the last 10 pages and saw nothing. anyway, in your opinion what is the worst military sayings you've come across?

my personal worst is "grab, it's your stag mate!"
"roger that"..when someone is just talking to you in the pub ???

"pays to be a winner" Deerrrr ..really...never have guessed

"just got me-self a bit of top left"...when someone has made a bit of cash
"You're in your own time now"

And the most clichéd of all bog wall scrawlings

"Don't buy a video, don't buy a car, save all your money and PVR"
I'm sure I've seen this topic before.

You're in your own time now.
The one that always confused me..... "Smart as a carrot!" I mean, how smart is a carrot? Not really clean, not really orange, not really pointy and not really straight. What's it all about?
My all time worst is

“I did not join as a Bombardier”

No fecking shit you didn’t know one dose and the fact that you were once a lowly tom does not excuse the fact that your now a cu*t
There are only three kinds of turd .. mustard .. custard .. and you.. you little shit now GET AWAY !!!!!!!
wind your neck in.

All those fecking US Rangers who instead of saying yeah/yes/ahha, have to say......Howaah......WTF are you boys on 8O Brain washed fecking morons :roll:
The worst saying ever is "The Mess bar is now closed"
“SARGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only types of Sarge are Sausage, massage and back passage”

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