Worst military mistakes in movies

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by ParanoidHal, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. OK guys we've all seen these, 6 shooters that fire 14 rounds, people getting hit by morters abd walking away etc.

    any one got any more and from what movie ???
  2. the worst mistake surley is in U571 where they have the Yanks capturing the first enigma machine when it was the Brits
    closely followed by saving private ryan where america is the only nation involved on D day
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  3. The film Red Dawn is full of them. I seem to recall one chap getting shot at a range of a couple of feet by an AK and still manages to totter forward to clutch at the front of his executioner.
  4. Yeah and ted danson thats just stupid lol
    that was a movie mistake
  5. Any film made by Yanks (U-571, Pearl Harbour) even the ones about American history. eg Custers last stand.
    Or how about Braveheart. So full of historical inaccuracies I couldn't possibly list them all here.
  6. Eastwood and Burton using up the allies' total supply of small bore ammo
    in "Where Eagles Dare".
  7. Was watching "Battlefield" on sky last night and the subject was Arnhem. They obviously had a group of WALTS playing the parts of the germans and the British para's. For a start the kit they were wearing always looks too clean (as do the germans) but the crowning glory, more than once was the fat knacker walt dressed as a para with a shell dressing covering his "right" eye who was aiming his enfield with the butt in his "right" shoulder, fcucking amazing!.
  8. How about in Saving Private Ryan, the sharpshooter's - Jackson - rifle seems to think it has unlimited ammo. He fires off 9 or 10 shots without reloading, when his Springfield 1903 only holds 5.
  9. in who dares wins they used a fig8 for the abseil scene, a standard petzl descender has always been used to allow 1 handed operation...

    also, in Ultimate Farce, the make their brews using morrisons standard coffee, everybody knows the QM of 'them' always buys carte noir...
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  10. Yeah but thats because jackson had God on his side lol lol lol
  11. Bruce Willis' film - Tears of the Sun was full of flaws - mainly ol' Bruce's aim-point on his M4 is the wrong way round, making it absolutely useless.

    And when the F-18's take off at the end of the movie, they are only carrying drop-tanks, in the next shot they are carrying AIM-9 Sidewinders and in the final scene, they use these Sidewinders against ground targets which die in 300ft high balls of flames.
  12. Battle of the Bulge - M48 Patton tanks painted grey to represent Tigers then Olive Drab to represent Shermans.
  13. Behind Enemy Lines, the bit where he runs over the land mine tripwires.

    So many innacuracies its too much to list!