Worst Military Headgear...

That's the badger. We got issued with similar when we went down to the FI back in the mist of the 80s.
They were quite warm as I recall but you could hardly hear with the ear flaps down.
And you looked a complete bell end.
We had the DPM edition for Norway deployments.

Built as they were, with the flaps velcroed up on the top of your swede, the artificial fleece lining was exposed to the elements, so that when snow fell, it lodged among the fibres, where the heat from your head as you skied along, would melt it.

When you stopped, and began to cool down, there wasn't much point in pulling the flaps down to cover your lug'oles.

Least of all if, in the worst case, the snowmelt had turned to ice.

Odd design feature, I felt. Only way round it was to go a size up, and stow the flaps inside

And 'Yes', you still looked like a bellend
This takes some beating.

That wins this thread by a country mile - "show hats upside-down" is almost too barking for even our Guards regiments.
I'm not so sure about that.

They'd have the Guardlings parading like that but the headwear would be the only thing the right way up.


I have always questioned the need for a dpm beret, especially when your actual uniforms are olive drab?

I believe the colour is known as Nutria brown after a goo masquerading as food for sickly people a bit like complan without flavours!

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