Worst Military Headgear...

Those netting bags of shoite that the Israelis use:

One could argue (And boy oh boy some do) that they are a useful piece of headgear for the terrain they operate in.

Still looks honking though.

As for some of the landing pads worn by the Russians.

They could half their military budget by making it in a normal size.
I think you may have misread the thread title.

Mackensen's headgear is certainly not in the 'worst' category, by the simple fact that it is EPIC!

And unlike a London bobby's helmet in the 19th century, not only could he keep his sandwiches under there but an entire picnic basket. Including a selection of fine wines for after.
I always think that the RAF ones look quite smart... Certainly much smarter worn with a flying suit than a beret.
Smart....fookin smart? It’s a useless bit of kit that should be binned by the army. If the Guards types, heavy / county infantry, RAF wants to keep it, then fine, but to most, it’s just a useless bit of very rarely used kit that takes up locker space. It’s probably more expensive than an extra pair of boots as well, so not exactly valve for money.


Come on really there has to be an IDF reverse ally joke in there somewhere.
We had (one of many ) an RSM who banned us from shaving KF shirts, cutting liners out of berets etc and had anyone he found with tailored kit marched to the QM's by the Provost staff to be made to sign for diffies. The Cpls mess started a worn as issued revolution. No berets were shaped, boots weren't burnt down and no regimental PRI bought kit was worn. The CO had a word with the RSM about the embarrassing state of his troops and he relented. I was told he was posted out to a training establishment and normality returned to the lads.

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