Worst Military Headgear...

We've had sh*tloads of threads about worst/best tank, best aircraft, worst equipment etc etc.

So here's another one... :)

What was the worst military headgear? It can be one that made you look like a cnut, failed to do what it said on the tin, or simply made you wonder FFS why?

Here's two for starters...

The Bitish 1855 pattern Officers Forage Cap

The American Civil War Whipple hat... (winner of the FFS Why category IMHO)

Over to the Arrse collective and, yes, I am bored at work today... :)
I think wearing half an ostrich has to be up there

Even on 'combat' uniform

"Them and their single feathers, I'll show them"
The Forage Cap...or as it's more accurately described 'the twat'at'. What an abortion of a waste of time and money. Fookin hideous, useless bit of kit.
PRI caps?
RN (late 80's on wards ) junior rates white cap. Could not be shaped to one's fat swede,hurt after a while ,had to stich in chin stay,just looked gash.


A hat.
Israeli Army Ecky Thump Battalion....

Israeli Ecky Thump.JPG

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