Worst Live Band ever seen?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Giancarlo_Badass, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. "Stray Dog" (USA) same bill as Steeleye Span, Mannfred Manns Earth Band, Electric Light Orhestra (unexpectedly brilliant) Yes and a whole host of others at Easter Weekend Festival, Westfallenhalle, Dortmund 1973. Stray Dog did 3 or 4 aweful numbers when the crowd started chanting to bring MM's EB back on! SD took the hint and fcuked off early giving time for a toilet and beer run!
  2. Screaming Blue Messiahs who were supporting David Bowie (Glass Spider tour) at Cardiff Arms Park 1989?, when they finished 80,000 people just stood and looked at them!
  3. fall out boy. I want my f*cking money back you podgy c*nt.
  4. That must have been awesome to see!
  5. They were so bad that Big Country were the next supporting act and the crowd were so pleased to see them it was pathetic :)
  6. The Fratellis - I have never been more bored at a gig then watching this pile of jockaneese shite....
  7. The live band that played at the funeral of my grandmother collectivley wrecked the day and spoilt the service.

    I would recommend no one use Metallica for the funerals of the elderly
  8. Joana And The Wolf - taking pictures at a gig, supposidly up and coming! Just not good.
    Joana was extremely bendy though!
  9. Meatloaf. That fat cunt cannot sing live, and he started losing his voice and was weazy after about 20 minutes.
  10. Red Hot Chillies Reading '07

    Everything that could go wrong went wrong, guitar cut out, set list wasn't followed, singer walked off stage, crap sound, no fast songs. Really peed me off.
  11. Saw him in Newcastle not so long ago.
    Couldn't tell what he was singing most of the time and he even confessed toward the end of the show he had forgotten where in the song he was when singing Paradise by the Dashboard Light.
  12. I saw him at Sheffield this year and I have to say he was very good and there were no problems with it what so ever.
  13. Mungo Jerry at the Wildenrath NAAFI 1987.

    He was so off his face, he couldn't even remember the words to his only hit. Y'know that one that goes "Riding along on my pushbike baby..." Truly a tribute to the powers of cannabis.

    By great fortune (For Mr. Jerry) the NAAFI manger had replaced the glasses with plastics and thus Ol' Mungo didn't die in a hail of glass fragments he just got pish wet through...
  14. The supporting band to Crowded House in Pompey about 12 years ago was an American trio who were so memorable that I've forgotten their name! But trust me, they must have broken up by now, they were sh1te!
  15. would have to be the lost prophets in dublin a couple of years ago. they were a complete bunch of to$$ers. his parting words as he left the stage were thanks for being so fcukin interested. says it all really doesnt it