Worst last words...


Spike Milligan's is my favourite
I think it's written in Celtic, translated: "I told you I was ill"...
"Follow me!"

Any Officer...
FlakeShag said:
Hitler said to Eva "We are safe in this underground bunker"..... In German.

He obviously did not realise that being in a bunker does not protect you from yourself.
Oh very deep I'm sure.
General Custer: Look at all those indians!

Captain Cook The natives look friendly


War Hero
At his first (and only Unit)

"Who are you soldier"

"Bradsha.............." Thud!!!
Captain of the space shuttle Columbia Ok let the chick drive for a bit
"I think I could eat one of Bellamy's pork pies" Pitt, just before dying...
"I think I hear my husband" - Mrs OJ Simpson


"Don't worry, Emu, its just the antenna. I'll nip up on the roof and fix it. Piece of piss"

Rod Hull.

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