worst job in the world

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by davek, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. i reckon it's got to be the poor sod who has to wipe the arrse and blow the nose of Abu Hamza :?

    infact how much are we taxpayers forking out for his "care" in prison?
  2. I would say it has to be working in a juvenile centre.

    Being surrounded by that many chavs would drive me radio rental.

    Line them up shoot them with an air rifle out of their own collection and take away their PS2's and DVD players the taxpayer pays for

  3. Scaffolding. Like tentage, but higher.
  4. Parking warden, be nice to the, I know am its the worst thing you can do to them because their not trained to understand it and like implode their pants.
  5. The fella I saw, presumably from 23 PFA (RAMC badge, AB Beret) on Telic 1 in Kuwait who was sat in the passenger seat of the Poo Truck, presumably escorting, doing the rounds in the Concentration Area pumping the slime from the portaloos. Stinksville.
  6. Been drinking?


    PS - the guy who opperates the liposuction machine must be on the list as poo jobs?
  7. Being the pool cleaner after one of Barrymores parties
  8. Or scratch his bollox or ricker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  9. and do it wrong causing "accidental" permanent damage :twisted: