Worst Job in the World.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blogg, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. He should have tried harder in school :D
  2. Maybe we should put a few of these creatures to work in said job...
  3. Ummm...........

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  4. ;

    You could be this woman's care worker, care to give her a hand???

  5. Well, they would, wouldn't they? George Michael, take note.
  6. Ok if we are going to travel that line...............then I wouldn't want to be this fella's barber!!!

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  7. Is the one in the middle actually spitting into his mate's hand?
  8. That IS a sh1t job...
  9. Quite literally....................
    :puker: or :safe:
  10. Spare a thought for Michael Barrymore's pool cleaner, please.

    The Indian sewer-worker featured has had more media exposure in the past two weeks than Barack Obama. He'll be getting his own chat show next: Talking Sh1t or something. Channel 4 would buy it.
  11. The worst job? Easy!.........The Groom of the Stool!

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    Another sh!tty job:

  13. Going on his previous from the Lady Thread, I'm sure Scaley would volunteer....
  14. The worst job in the world has to be a chef.
    Why the f*ck would anybody want to cook loads of scoffs for people?

    Cramped kitchen, under massive time pressure, for next to no money, having some tw*t like Gordon Ramsay telling you your sprouts are underdone. F*ck that.

    Chef worst job in the world.

    and shite hours