Worst Holidays

Discussion in 'REME' started by CraftyJay, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. May not be the right place but I reckon this should provide some laughs, I've just come off a crap holiday in greece and was wondering if anyone else out there had the the misfortune of going away on what should have been a nice holiday and found it turning into a shambles rather quick?
  2. Stay away from Malta, especially the Hotel on St Georges waterfront with the 'shaft' rooms.
  3. afgan


    coat taxi.
  4. If there was such a thing as a week long package holiday to Liverpool that would be THE worst holiday possible.
  5. Portugal 1986, when I foolishly allowed the wife's mother to join us!
  6. a 3 year posting holiday at 1 Bn REME - FULL OF C0CKS - I would rather holiday in auswitchz
  7. Not in my wildest or most perverse of dreams
  8. Hold on a minute thats where my lad is, oh ok, I take your point.

    Seriously though, whats wrong with 1 bn?
  9. Dubrovnik a few years back after a dodgy cevap caused me to soil the bed, floor, slippers, bog, Mrs Burpa's back, kitchen and wheelie bin. Crammed everything in the washing machine and did a runner.

  10. Ask for posting there and youll find out
  11. Alas I cant - even at my physical peak I had more chance of getting a blow job from The Queen Mother than the Army letting me join. I am the father of lad who is there, so was just interested in what made/makes it so bad.
  12. It is a REME Bn.

    Case closed!
  13. AAGF


    Old saying from back when -

    REME is like manure.

    All in one place, just a heap of sh1t, but spread out over large areas can do some good.
  14. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    Awww i love malta. The city centre is like home from home (not to my taste) but the blue lagoon its beautiful. It gets a little crowed at times but you can avoid it by going early mornings or go to a little quiet beach mostly known by the locals which is called Little Armier. Great beach, had a great swim there
  15. Where abouts in Greece?

    Have enjoyed many a time (holiday and service) in Greece on the mainland and the islands so either this is a sign of the times or you were just unlucky or maybe I was/have been fortunate