Worst holiday locations - places/chav scum to avoid

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. So come on then troops. What is the holiday from hell that you have experienced abroad? We know our Great Isle is ravaged by Chav scum, but where have you had the most displeasure????

    Is Ayia Napa/Benidorm full of Chav Scum, I havent been so I cannot comment.

    Marmaris was pretty bad for me, the hotel was rough as arseholes, not that many chavs, however the food was fecking minging. Water leaked all over the floor, the waiter staff were slimely cnuts and didnt give a feck. The beer was was shite and warm, ill never go all inclusive again there...
    It was full middle aged slapper divorcees who were looking for turkish c0ck and they all had bingo wings like fcuking batfink who thought they were essence, but they were essence of dogshat....
    So where is the Mecca of shitsville, Tennesse???
  2. Marmaris is indeed a hole. The food was that bad I puked into my dinner, then refused to pay. Some turk got a right fcuking sad on.

    Blackpool is a shite hole of worst kind. Watch the bogs, every pub you visit thers some black fella wanting to flog knock off after shave. Its saving grace is no-one gives a fcuk! You can do wtf you want. Good place for a fight.
  3. Dont come to feckin Newquay! Every feckin year hordes of blokes come down thinking its Britains answer to Ibiza and it just ends up being a sausage fest with every bird having 20 blokes panting after her. Even fat mingers can be choosy here.

    Plenty of size 18 birds in size 10 clothing and blokes with that stupid spikey hairdo with a bottle of after shave poured on. Endless stag do's with the same old "Smiffy's stag Do, Newquay 2008" naff T shirts and p1ssed brides to be wearing an L plate trying to look sexy even though her bingo wings are dragging.

    However it does give us locals a lot of things to laugh and take the p1ss at :roll:
  4. Anywhere but the UK
  5. My Top 5

    4,St Leonards on Sea (Next town to Hastings)
  6. Greece, Corfu . small as fook island with like 1 street, every fcukers walking aboot with pistols down their trousers.
  7. Is Hastings really a holiday destination, do people really go there of their own free will to have fun? I used to visit twice a year (just for the day) when my Mum was alive and resident there. The best thing about Hastings/St Leonards is the A21 out of the place
  8. Don't know about carp destinations but flew back from Lanzarote on Sunday night. Stepped onto the plane to find a sea of children's faces looking up at me. Next row in front were two 18month old twins who took it in turns to scream the fecking place down for 3 of the 4 in-flight hours. To cap it all fat bird next to me, who had wanted to go to the crapper every 20mins throughout the flight, decides to loudly barf all over the place. It stunk! Then, to my horror she got some cheap nasty perfume out and poured it all around! There were people on the ground complaining!
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I havent ever holidayed in the UK or Europe, my visits are all for a reason. That way I avoid the shcum. I do like travelling around Canada though!
  10. Upton Park - two stops short of Barking and full of beggars!
  11. Torquay, pretty similar to newquay by the sounds of buggrit's post
  12. Judging by the number of Crumblies that fall off the coaches and the fish+chippies,candy floss,cheap lager.Then yes.
    No-one mentioned fun though.
    Hastings and fun are not normally two words used in the same sentence
  13. St Tropez is pretty bad. Most of the tourists there, attempting to look like the 'jet set', are in fact Society Walts, wearing Matalan and knock-off Gucci sunglasses bought from one of the many African vendors that stock bespoke ripoffs made by their own unpaid children.

    The food is crap and the sea is full of richards pumped out from the vast flotilla of cruisers in the harbour. The town itself is full of thieves and war criminals from the Balkans

    In order to cater for the Great Unwashed, the entire Cote 'Azure has been turned into a vast, travellers' campsite, where said thieves do a roaring trade in stolen credit cards and African kids.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Hastings eh, the A21 is designed so you cant escape feckwittistan!
  15. Thank god for the Credit Crunch - it might stop the endless "TRACY'S HEN PART 2008" from hitting decent places! Just need Easyjet and Ryanir to go bust