Worst Government.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Johnny_Norfolk, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. I think this is the worst government in living memory.

    Do you agree or can you think of another ?
  2. There was this one in Germany sometime ago...
  3. The one just before it, perhaps??????
  4. And the ones before that, and that and that, in fact I think the 20th century has f*cked us up the ass :eek:
  5. Zimbabwe comes to mind...........
    So too does the Saddam regime........ and nice Mr Kim's lot............ Oh, hang on, before I trot out just about every government in the world, you mean in THIS country, don't you?! Oh, silly me. Lets turn the question on its head: can you think of a British goverment within living memory that has been judged to be "good" by the population at large? One could suggest that it is one that is re-elected by the electorate.........but that means .............. Oh no! Shock horror!
  6. The 2001-2005 government? It was shite, granted, but not as shite as this one...
  7. Harold Wilson's family can start to mention his name again in public...
  8. In a more enlightened time, our American friends would have insisted on regime change.
  9. True, and they wouldn't have resorted to sexing up a dossier to provide a causus belli!
  10. Ho ho ho :roll:

    I cannot think of a single thing the Conservatives got right for the country, except maybe the Falklands.

    They got a lot right for the money grabbers amongst us though
  11. So the tories are bad as well, which party *is* fit to run this country? please .. dont say the lib dems, I most probably would have agreed when Paddy Ashdown was in charge (and he wasnt that spotless) but not under charles kennedy and the current ming.

    Time for a coallition Govt? ... oh 'eck.
  12. There all shite! Torys, Labour, Lid-dems. All of 'em.
  13. You're asking the wrong question.

    It's not a case of "worst government" but one of "most apathetic population".

    30 years ago Blair's hash would have been settled by a population telling him to go feck himself and refusing to do a hand's turn in work till he'd actually dumped his muck up his own arrse.

    WE let him in again, WE put up with him, WE do sod all about.

    Why would you expect him & his cronies to give a feck what WE think?
  14. Biscuits_Brown

    your so right! We get the Government we deserve - any one got any grease? I want to lube my sphincter
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    A few quick facts here chaps?

    The Tories had what? Three politicos banged up in prison. One a Lord (Archer). We are still paying the price for Maggies policies and the Falklands aside, I cant think of much that shower did for GB?

    Look around you. Outside of the pages of the Daily Mail, Britain plc is doing very nicely. The NHS, education, social services all work OK and the police are in better shape today than when I was a young 'um, where they'd clatter you just to show who's boss.

    Economically there aint many countries doing as well as us.

    Now before the rampaging screams of "Gruniad reading left wing shirt lifter" ring through the hall, there have been mistakes. Some of them big. But given that ALL Governments are a bunch of self serving tossers, I cant see this one is the worst.

    My shirt did lift one windy day in Bournemouth. But that vicar bumped into me by accident, I swear he did.