Worst Film Youve Ever Seen

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nips, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Mine has to be Nacho Libre.

  2. well, can't think of the actual worst film I've ever seen, probably High School Musical (no it was not watched voluntarilly) but Flash Gordon is a pretty bad film, but it's so bad it's good.
  3. Castaway!

    What a load of bollox- it was a PIGGIN' Ball...
  4. the old james bond films,,dr no-goldfinger--they must have been good once..but now ...stih absolute....
  5. The Tuxedo with jackie chan, a pile of fooking sh!te
  6. Wheels of terror of Sven Hassel fame.... The book was brill but the film was so bad it almost put me off reading the books again......

    You conjur up a picture of the legionairre, Sven, The old man, porta and tiny, only to see a pathetic american attempt at the 5 above........poor poor poor, suppose thats what you get on a budget of 2 wobblies and a saurkraut - no pun intended........
  7. Totally agree, more concerning was having to share a basha with a bloke on Telic who owned a ball called Kylie!!! Spoke to it, took it for a shower......... Too many films, or just loosing the plot?
  8. Harts War.

    Well, I have it at home after buying it in a closing down sale but can't be bothered to unwrap it. Just seems naff from the cover.
  9. thats a brill film trust me unpack it and watch it now
  10. definitely will have to look at that one :]
  11. Beware the penisaurus :cyclopsani:
  12. Anything with Steven Seagal in it.
  13. im only the cook-under seige...great film...
  14. ill give you nico though that was crap
  15. seriously???