Worst film ever

just been forced to watch grease 2 by the little 3bs.Possible the worst film i have ever ficking seen ( and michelle pfieffer is in it too)
So whats the worst film you have seen and why?
wouldnt mind so much but the little buggers forced me to watch grease one last night :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
The thin red line supposed to be a war film not some psycho babble needs more blood.
Dick Tracey - Warren Beatty and Madonna. Absolute pants.
SS Doomtrooper - The nazis create a monster and the allies send in a dirty dozen type squadron in (usual stereotypes, the barmy British SAS explosive expert, the heroic Yanks, the beret wearing french resistance etc). The CGI is the worse I have ever seen in any film.

Freddy Got Fingered/Dude Where's my Car? - both as funny as a nuclear winter.

Plan 9 From Outer Space - so crap it is actually watchable, scenes cut from day to night time, sets wobble and flying sauces on strings.
The One and Only.

Cheap, nasty brit rom-com that was the one and only (geddit!) film that I've ever walked out on.

Absolute dirge of the highest order.

I didn't even get a sh*g after watching it.
in no order, the remake of:
Get Carter,
The Italian Job.
The Day Of The Jackly (or whatever it was called)
'Wilbur wants to kill himself'

So did I after watching this pile of sh1te!


I think the cnut who wrote the review on IMDB must have been on acid, both when he watched the film, and when he wrote the review.

A Danish film with all that that entails (infidelity, depression, death, and bad acting), but set in Scotland.

Unfortunately the dialogue was obviously written by a Dane who'd never actually visted Scotland, or met any Scotsmen for that matter, and who failed 'o'level English, as I've never heard such a pathetic excuse for a script.

All in all, the biggest waste of celluloid ever. You have been warned!



the marksman - i remember the battery running out the lap top and
missing the ending no one was bothered at all, in fact some people were pleased!
Titanic. At the bloody feckin start of the movie i had the right gut feeling about what would happen to that boat!!
Deer Hunter. If the director had lost 20 minutes instead of forcing the viewer to endure a f*cking wedding it might have been a so-so flick. Instead it bored the shit out of me. Weddings and Vietnam ? WTF
Pret a bloody Porter

The only film I have walked out of the cinema during.
Black and White - not even the mighty acting thespian powerhouse that is Mike Tyson could save this mismash shi'ite about spoilt white kids pretending to be black (if you ever find yourself not affording your heating this year watch this film, your cheeks will burn up so hot with excrutiating pain that you will look 'aglow' like the ready brek advert).

Gigli - Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afflick, almost sunk Afflick's career. Most embarrassing scene ever is the blow job conversation ('gobble gobble').

Silence of the Hams - A spoof of horror films.

Revolver - Guy Ritchie Mockney Kaballah bollox, not as bad as the critics say but crap all the same, no doubt the poor Ritchie had got too much influence by his trouble and strife, Madonna...

....and speaking of Madonna, ANYONE of her films, especially Shanghai Surprise.

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