Worst exercise at the Hurst

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Tilly, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. Don't know if this one has been covered as I'm reasonably new to the site, but another thread got me thinking.

    The worst ex by far for me was Ex Chrychans Challenge (excuse the spelling). February, Sennybridge, that non stop drizzle/rain that permeates everything, fecking freezing. I must have had a reasonable degree of lock on at that stage as I was given 2 Pl Comd appointments and although they went very well it made the experience worse. I just remember a shell scrape full of mud, sheep sh*t, numb hands and feet, racing f*cking spoons, and a fear of Sennybridge that still loosens the bowels. I think at one stage I think I considered weeping while tucked up in my gonk-bag (gripped myself though). :(

    One nutter said afterwards, 'that's what its all about, awesome' glad I didn't join the same Regt as he did. 8O

    Mind you, everything since has been easy by comparison.
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  3. Hardest must have been ‘Terra Firma’ at Longmoor. I’ve never drunk so much beer, dressed up as a Town Cryer, thrown spuds and cans at the Girls Pl (and DS) and then get the opportunity to beat the crap out of them (still had wooden batons then) afterwards all in the space of 10 days!!. And we were getting paid – now that’s what I call tough.

    Then you get to do it for real in NI and Iraq (less the Town Cryer/Girls Pl bit) and it’s even better!!!
  4. 8O my adivce is open your own post :lol:
  5. Tilly, can i ask what term this exercise is conducted. I start my time in january. Any other good/bad exercises to look forward or dread?

  6. Good Exercises - Terra Firma. Days of either rioting, sleeping in, drinking and shagging filthy RAAT girls or dishing out hickory big style. Long Reach - in retrospect, like RowCo, a bloody good exercise. 5 weeks in and you know for sure who the good blokes and jack b astards are. Remainder of the exercises have no highs, only lows, and lower ones and... at the very bottom command appointment changes in the rain. At times like that I would have slit my mother's throat for even my best mucker to get Pl Sgt rather than me.

    Worst Exercise - Ex GREY CLOUD. A 24hr period entirely spent doing signals in a large shed. And its not as exciting as it sounds.

    The single redeeming feature of Sandurst exercises is that they're nothing compared to PCBC <shudder>. If I could live my life again I would do everything identically, no matter how squalid or embarassing, save those miserable three months. Memories of that course still have the power to loosen my bowels while I sleep....
  7. I keep hearing rumours about PCBC. Why the shite inducing fear of the course?
  8. Mine is first encounter. Did the whole week on 3hrs sleep. Don't laugh, but it took my platoon 80 hrs to dig in to stage 3!
  9. The worst ex by far for me was Ex Chrychans Challenge

    Couldn't agree more. I still remember harbouring up in one of those evergreen squares where the branches are so thick they leave scratches down either side of your face. I was the last man in my section, down by the Stag position, we were lying in shell scrapes that had filled with water and at about 0400 I had crawled out and was lying shivering next to my shellscrape when the Section 2IC on his way to post the relief stood on my head, squashing it into the mud.

    Despite many other terrible exercises over the year and far worse ones on PCBC, that one night always sticks in my mind as my worst night in the field.
  10. The worst exercise at Sandhurst is by far and away "Marathon's Chase". Traipsing from one side of the Catterick training area to the other over and over again whilst wearing NBC kit for a week in the summer. Utter misery. Made all the more unbelieveable by the fact that some of the NBC kit I had (when taken out of the packet) had a packing date that pre-dated the end of the Vietnam War, let alone the Falklands, and this really wasn't that long ago.....

    As for PCBC, as long as you don't find yourself in Africa in the rainy season its fine. The exercises knock the Sandhurst ones into a cocked hat, especially the live firing.
  11. First Return or something like that. First weekend of the 2nd term and designed to punish you for having some time off
  12. FIRST ENCOUNTER... then MARATHON CHASE... then got back-termed and had to do both of them again!!

  13. Crychans Challenge was the worst exercise for my intake.

    I remember waking up in Wales after my instant teleporter ride and the whole bus was rocking with the weight of wind and rain against it. "Feck me" I thought.

    The OC took one look at the weather and got the Coy together, "Right fellas, this is the way it is, this is going to be grim and I'm not going to make it any easier so you'd better just get on with it and don't fecking jack"

    It was Grim.

    PCBC is like Sandhurst wearing body armour and you don't have any cav or gunners to take up the bottom of the bell curve.
  14. Hmm, pays to be a winner! :wink:
  15. Definitly not the kind of thread you want to be reading when you're geting ready for Jan. Especially not with the kind of mini-ice age they are predicting. What is PCBC folks?