Worst Ever Tour "Bar-Profits" Freebies

seen someone today that was wearing a "dog" sqn fleece that i was told was bought by profits from the bar whilst on tour. nice fleece made by karrimor i believe.

led me to thinking about the fecking cheapest of the cheap fleece that we were given on "Op Lodestar" in 97 whilst with 29 fd sqn. it was as thin as a supermodel & stitched shoddily also.

as i remember it was tried to be given away to the "skip-lickers" BUT some of them turned their noses up at them so a lot were promptly sacrificially burned.

anything worse out there ????
i remember those fleece jackets fcuking terrible every one used to wear them for pt parade in the winter i was one of the lucky ones to not be given one ( unfortunatley stuck in camp regt employed so no tour for me) :cry:
In 42 when we went to the FI in 96 we were given 2 42 field sqn flashes to be sown onto our smocks
they were bought from bar profits and if you wanted anymore you had to buy them from the badge
Not a fleece but when I worked on MoD PE Ranges we got issued with The Cruel Sea type Duffel Coats. When they got wet it was like carrying a fecking bergen all over the place and the tramps under Waterloo Bridge refused one when offered.

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