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Worst Ever Cracker Joke

What's the worst cracker joke you've ever seen?

My contribution:

Q: What Christmas carol do they sing in German lunatic asylums?

A: God rest ye Jerry mental-men!


I made the mistake of getting Asda smart price crackers one year. All twelve of them had the same 'joke' in them ffs.

Where does a dressmaker build their house? On the outskirts (boom tish)


Although it has given me an idea when I leave the mob, I wouldn't mind getting a temporary job in one of the factories that produce crackers, and spend my time replacing all the shit jokes with ones like "fact: 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape" and "Did you know that if you need to urinate in public a policeman has to offer you his helmet by law?"

And see how long it would take them to find me and hang me out to dry :)
If it taked two ships three weeks to sail a fortnight, how long would it take to count the hairs on your balls with a pair of boxing gloves on !!!!!!!!!

mmm ok i'm off !!!

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