Worst ever barrack dress or peak cap

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Randy_McNob, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. One of the worst ever examples of barrack dress I ever saw had to be the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders barrack trousers

    They looked like Rupert bear should have been wearing them, they were a repulsive Tartan pattern.

    I almost rung the 'Fashion RMP' on the spot.

    I vaguely remember some Tankie Regiment had a peak cap with what looked like a bright yellow zig zag lightning bolt all the way around it as well.

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. The cav' hat is ScotsDG and the zig zag is called 'vandyke'.

    The winner has to be RH/KRH red trousers FFS and with a cow pat for a beret...
  3. Fookin' Tankies???

    How bloody dare you, the Scots DG soldiers of the yellow vandyked cap are Cavalry, dear chap!

    It does look gash though, you are right- Combined with the double yellow striped Cav trousers, we do have a certain air of 'traffic warden' about us... :oops:

    At least our No.2 trousers are decent though! Ladies and gentlemen, please look on and laugh as we parade the Kings Royal Hussars!

    EDITED: just to say, Airfix- I salute you! :salut:
    You must have posted just as I hit the 'quote' tab!
  4. One of the best punch-ups I've seen in a while was when 2 KRH bods in civis kicked off in a bar in Swanage after hearing 'don't you wear cowpats for berets, period stained trouser and have a skipping chicken for a badge'!

    Go figure their Regt Dress Committee... :twisted:

  5. Erm the very same trousers or "Trews" as we would say that were carried forward to all 7 Battalions of The Royal Regt of Scotland...... :roll:

    Me well i'd rather just wear my kilt in Barrack Dress...trews are a Mash man thing :wink:
  6. Argyle And Sutherland barrack trousers?............TREWS!! Ya f ucking madman!!
  7. I think this rates as the crappest ever peak;

  8. I didnt realise it was the Scots DG's who were the proud owners of that cap!!!!

    Didnt see any of the striped trousers......I must try and google it and see what comes up!
  9. The double stripes date back to 1851, when the Carabiniers adopted certain items of Light Cavalry dress, and the yellow is a colour that was previously worn by both the Scots Greys and the 3rd Dragoon Guards. :wink:
  10. Haven't seen one of those since the CO was court-martialled.

  11. Thankfully, he was the only pillock to ever wear one. Once he got his collar felt, it went the way of his career - it got binned.

    (In reality, the offending cap still resides in the Museum of Army Flying)