Worst Ebayer, please send numerous emails!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scottishcammy, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Guys,
    This harridan 'sells' military footwear, surplus, etc.
    I bought a pair of shoes from this cow, they've never arrived, she refuses to respond to emails and gave me a mouthful when I phoned her contact number.
    Having read recent feedback, it seems she been at the scam with plenty others as well.
    Please feel free to bombard the tart with numerous emails:)

  2. feedback is there for a reason fella
  3. Indeed, and it was fine when I bought them. The shite feedback has been left since I paid for my item.
  4. Report her to eBay, also make sure (if you paid via PayPal) you report her to paypal. It might also be worth, looking at contacting the other users who have had issues with her in the last few months, and get them to do the same.

    Now I would never say...... post her email address on here, not the one that you used to pay her with, or the one that was used for any communications with her, becuase to post her email address in an open forum would just be wrong.
  5. I agree mate, oh no.....something's wrong with my typewriter, it seems to be typing of it's on accord, help....

    bernice drew
    wapping, london

    bugger, now the delete key isn't working.....
  6. Hang on, I thought you were plod?

    Why don't you call her in your official capacity...
  7. I can't mate, it's a conflict of interests. I'll be reporting her to the local guys shortly. One non-received item is a civil matter, several (and the feedback would indicate that), suggests fraud.
    I can't investigate something that's happened to me, that could be seen as an abuse of power.

    In the meantime, it would certainly not do any harm to hopefully disrupt her ripping any other poor sod off.
  8. soz to hear about that....not condoning this but is it possible to set up a dodgy e bay account...and just keep bidding on all her goods?? dont matter if she leaves shit feedback coz its not an account you will be using, just to bid on her stuff...

    hope you get it sorted
  9. If you report it to Paypal you will get your money back.
  10. What the point of being plod if you can't even wave your warrant card around in your own interests now and again!

    Low level fraud in unlikely to get the locals excited either so I suspect your right in thinking that winding her up is probably your best bet.
  11. Matey, you're spot on! ;-)
  12. Ok,

    if you put that telephone number into google it brings up the following sites:



    along with the following email address:


    and mobile number:


    Phoned the mobile, strangely enough the wifie at the other end wasn't very pleased and didn't know what I was talking about.
    Several emails to the email address prompted this highly literate reply today:

    "wat shoes dont know wat ur talking about"

    Have a guess what the signature name in the email address is?......

    Kate DREW.

  13. I just bought all of her listed items so no other poor bugger would suffer the same fate as I.

    Now they've sent me an email asking for the cash!!! HA, HA!

    They've also changed their email address to


    Dear xxxxxxxxxxxx,
    Thank you for your purchases. The total for your items below is £105.97.
    Pay Now
    Click Pay Now to confirm postage, get total price, and arrange payment through: PayPal; other credit card services; Personal cheque; postal order or banker's draft.

    Item # Item Title Qty. Price
    380063932860 Size 7 Pro/lowa Boots!Almost new! 1 £44.99
    380053740730 size 9 pro boots! Almost new! 1 £30.00
    380057687856 male parade shoes size 9! Excellent condition! 1 £9.49
    380057688573 male parade shoes size 9! Excellent condition! 1 £9.49

    Subtotal: £93.97

    Postage and packaging via Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded:

    Total: £105.97
    all payments must clear before items are sent out.
    Please email me at bernice250381@aol.com if you have any questions.

    Oh I'll be emailing the twat all right!!
    Please feel free to do the same lads:)
  14. what a right rip off merchant she is..........where she getting all the parade shoes from i wonder?