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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Blokeonabike, Nov 22, 2011.

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  1. I invite you all to save your heart from blood pressure overdose by venting on this thread.

    To prevent general anarchty, please keep it to recent experiences on the road.

    I offer this recent example of someone who really shouldnt be on the road:

    Sunday morning 20 Nov, around 0945 on the M4 near Swindon.
    Fog - visibility varying from 1/4 mile at best to lesss than 100m, wet road surface.
    Traffic travelling well below national speed limit in most cases.

    I was amazed that quite a few drivers did not consider <100m visibility to require fog lights on but then, in my rear view mirror, closing fast, I saw a vague outline of a vehicle:

    A black BMW X?. Travelling fast (I estimate well over 70MPH, possibly over 80MPH). NO LIGHTS ON (not just no fog lights, no lights at all). Female driver , mid 40s-ish.

    So speeding and no lights on in dense fog only a few days after a huge pile up with multiple deaths was all over the news.

    I am wondering. Does the BMW Xseries come with so called "automatic" headlights that come on when it is dark and has the brain dead housewife been let down by technology she has assumed has illuminated her vehicle appropriately? Or is she just conforming to steriotypes about female 4x4 drivers?
  2. Dear Blokeonabike. You wont be surprised to know that some people still dont know how drive according to the road conditions at the time, all they are focused on is getting to where they're going and sod the bit inbetween setting off and arriving. Dont get me started on idiots who dont pull over when they see l.e.d blue lights and hear sirens and bull horns. When they do they look at you as if you're putting them out...........replies please, rant over (for the moment that is).
  3. Hmmm

    For me its Audi A3 drivers especially if the car is black

    For 2 days running I have seen them joining the A1 whilst texting ; Not so good this morning as the A1 was stationary !!

    They havent half got good brakes :biggrin:

    On a more general note ; owing to the mayhem on the roads this morning why do they lane swap to gain an extra 16 feet in the 9 mile tailback??

    Why are you fighting to get TO work??? The pub/mistress etc I can understand but WORK FFS
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Rozzers hoofing up behind me with l.e.d blue lights and sirens and bull horns. The **** makes you think your destination is more important than mine you noisy *****?

    Old people wibbling about in small foreign cars. Die. Your children lie awake at night dreaming of the reading of the will.

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  5. My pet hate here in Norfolk are the brain-dead old farts (I'm 67 by the way) who sit in a minor road at a junction with a major road, wait until you're close enough to see (?) - maybe 100 m - and then pull out in front of you.
    Bearing in mind that you're doing 70 (that's the speed limit after all) and you've seen then half a mile away.
  6. On the M1 heading North to Leeds the other night and hit a massive bank of dense fog. Visibility was down to 10 metres in some places and the speed was around 45mph.

    A Transit van behind with sidelights on, veered from the first lane, maybe doing around 90mph, into the third lane before being forced to slam on his brakes and swerve to avoid a Clio that had emerged from the gloom.

  7. To be fair Ex Rock, I have on occasion been in situations where there was no safe way to pull anywhere and let an emergency responsder past/through. My wife was once sworn at by a Police driver despite having made the best effort she could to get out of his way without endangering her own life! Sometimes the drivers seem to forget that the lights and sirens do not oblige other drivers to put themselves at risk or give dispensation to disobey traffic regulations. In my experience, police cars are often particularly aggressively driven compared to the other two services. maybe because the fuzz think they are above the law!

    I wholeheartedly agree with your first point about conditions based driving and I appreciate that it must be frustrating when people appear to be ignoring lights and sirens when you know you have an urgent priority.
  8. FourEM,

    The lane swapping is to keep filtering motorcyclists on our toes!
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  9. ***** that sit in the middle lane of the motorway; usually the same ***** who insist on calling the inside lane the 'slow lane'
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  10. Iron Duke. A man of your age still wearing bright lycra in public. There's a name for that you sad act. Get a life you aint 16 anymore and you couldn't do a time trial if your life depended on it.
  11. Pongo, I just love it when, in the scenario you describe, there is no-one in front of you fer miles, or behind you for miles but they still choose to pull out just as you get close rather than wait the extra few seconds until you get past and they have a clear road to pull onto.

    I also hate women, old people who cant find the accelerator. If you are going to pull out in front of me, at least have the decency to speed up briskly.
  12. Yeah, right. When I was young my diving club were teaching the local fuzz how to use SCUBA gear. I was offered a lift home in the squad car. Bombing down the A505 one cop said, "We'll be late at the chip shop". On went the lights and siren - and we went round the M1 roundabout the wrong way!
  13. For work I get to look after 11 fridge vans and drivers for a food company
    I've taken this week off and a Polish lad out of the factory spent two days last week learning my run to cover me for the week.
    Get an email yesterday maorning from the operations manager, on his first day out alone the Polish driver has written the van off.

    Nobody is quite sure how but he's managed to bend the A post, roof and B post. No damage to the lower part of the van. Due to language difficulties nobody even knows where he was when he did it.....
  14. HHH

    HHH LE

    You maybe need to go to specsavers as you didn't read the Iron Dukes post right. :nod:
  15. Iron Duke. A man of your age still wearing bright lycra in public. There's a name for that you sad act. Get a life you aint 16 anymore and you couldn't do a time trial if your life depended on it.