Worst drinks in squaddie pubs


In line with the whats the worst squaddie pub you have drunk in, I seem to remember an awful drink in a nice pub in Munster. The Gremmendorfer served a clear fluid in a glass with a barely floating sugar cube in it, I seem to recall it being called the Tokyo.
You had to drink it in one and not let any touch inside your mouth if you could help it!
Definetly the drink for redarsers, what were your worst tipples?
Not so much a set drink, but the dirty pint for someone's birthday has always been horrible. Rule's in the bar are 10 different shots from behind the bar, topped up to a pint with milk and lemonade. Down in one, or you get poured another.
gorilla snot and punishment tumblers of warm house gin normally fill me with selfloathing


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thegimp said:
gorilla snot and punishment tumblers of warm house gin normally fill me with selfloathing

A 3:1 mix of Baileys to Port for those fortunate enough to have avoided this bar room delight. I had to finish mine with a spoon because it curdled so thick it stuck in the glass!


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Isn't that the "Elephant's Wnak"?

Edited for that bloody profanity checker...
getting ' Engineered' cant quite explain it but all the worst sh*te you can fit in a pint glass and downed in one. done at most Engineer Regiments for birthdays, leaving etc.

or better still 'The Monkey' anyone seen it done? do they still do it?
Worst drink? Me drinking Aftershock for the first time on my first run ashore in the mob (Greenock). I turned down the advances of a girl who then proceeded to headbutt me and she had to be carried out of the shittest bar I've ever been to by 4 bouncers 8O

To cut a long story short it involved me ending up with no eyebrows, getting hauled up in front of the CO for being shiters, several booties getting filled in by a Combined Services rugby player and a bootie very nearly breaking the record for the shortest promotion to Sgt ever (we're talking less than 24 hours here...).

How to make an impact :D

Mind you, I can drink aftershock nowadays without being a social handgrenade so that's progress I suppose...
Worked part time behind the bar at the royal oak in Hohne one of the LAD dets made every new boy/leaver drink a topshelver off the bar with a jar of cockles vinegar as well and topped off with some quavers served in a pint glass and had to be downed as quickly as possible manageress just used to pass them the mop bucket before they commenced as the ensuing body reaction meant it wouldn't stay down for more than 5 mins
I don't know why I am passing on information like this to the kind of readership you get round here....it's simlpy dangerous.......bit like out of date munitions, but here goes.....

Go to Slovakia.... I believe only there is this available.... Borovicka ( that's with a Scottish loch pronunciation on the c ) 3 dl ( for you non-euroconformisd that is deciliters) in .a big glass with 3 dl of peprmintovy liker, which looks like a bad St. Patrick's Day in Chicago. I have never met anyone who can do 4........mainly because after 3 I have found myself in places that even beer radar couldn't take me
Purple nasty - Half pint lager, half pint cider (preferably the strong bottle types like diamond white or dynamite), double shot of pernod, blackcurrent juice to taste.
45mins flash to bang
I think it was called "strong". An Austria spirit which has the apperance and taste of creosote. Lovely.
Pickled Egg & Creme de Menth shot at the Stables Bar,RAF Kinloss. (Owned by a couple of Ex-Chief Techs from my trade)
Have'nt been able to eat pickled or hard boiled eggs since!!
Who can forget the taste of Escorial? Well, anyone who's had more than a couple of this liquid explosive. Tastes like paraffin and has a flash point below zero. Best taken after drinking Osnabrucker Berquell Pils, first 2 pints tasted like liquinure but after that slipped down a treat.
Advalager. Half and Half Advocat and Carlsberg, in a pint glass. RAF Woodvale Officer's mess, just ask Robbie for Hooker's favourite.
The thought of anything with eggs or milk in makes me want to yawn in a techniolour way If it comes down to a serious long lash session which doesnt really involve any woman that one might have a contractual arrangement with barking at you at exactly that time in the morrning when you have discovered God and also fpund that His wrathful side is just for you I recommend the good old Tequilla Sunrise.......but select the Tequilla with care.


My introduction to BFG was a top line steifel in Cropps in Herford.
Over a litre of mixed spirits and some Unterberg necked relatively promptly.

I woke up in someones garden with a kind German asking if I was still alive.
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