Worst drinks ever

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aunty Stella, Apr 24, 2005.

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  1. Now, after experiencing some of the worst concoctions that I would have ever imagined possible, I was today forced to resort to drinking Gin after all of the Stella and GF had run out.

    This experience reminded me of some of the concoctions that were on the market in BFG and NI in the 80's and 90's. I'll start it here.

    1. Top Shelf - 1 shot per number along the top shelf matching your regimental number. Zero's counted as 10. I have 1 zero, two 8's and 5 other high numbers in my regy No, I rarely survived this.

    2. Eyeball - Double scotch, double Vodka, Double Gin, mixed Baileys, Advocat and Crème de Menthe (from another glass) dropped into it. The end result looked like an eyeball staring at you from the glass.

    3. Tizer - Double vodka, Double Bacardi, Double blackcurrant cordial in a tall glass topped up with lemonade. Could taste no alcohol in it at all, feed it to bogside women at the BK NAAFFI bop, guaranteed shag :D

    Feel free to add.

    Edited to add _ GlueWein, WTF is that all about? Sorry, but hot mediocre level alcohol wine that’s on fire has got to be the singularly gayest German invention ever. Now, coming from a race that gave us Lederhosen, that’s pretty fcuking gay.
  2. daz

    daz LE

    Herold of Free Enterprise, an equal mix of Baileys and Tequila.

    After a few, your bow doors open and you sink to the floor :wink:

  3. Ratzepuz for spirits
    Watneys Red Barrel for so called beer, even Bud has more alchol.
  4. A.S. Your "eyeball" has a naval name of Gorilla Snot! Still as bad though!
    My vote is a top shelf followed by a pint of pissy cider to induce "voiding" so you can start off again!
  5. Slivovitz and Vimto.

    The Worm and I were broken for days afterwards.
  6. white zombie
    A barmans own version, no idea what was in it, tasted like sh1t, looked like sh1t, was sh1t but drunk it anyway. :?
  7. thats an easy one............

    catlemaine xxxx!!
  8. In Herford in the early to mid 80s this was known as a 'Cream Soda' and the drink of choice to by the young but legal (just) ladies that were invited to the 'Pigs Bar'. Oh happy days :wink:
  9. "HOOBIE”from the Deutsch “Hübschrauber”-Helicopter. Nuclear Red Chilies dissolved in Vodka/Avgas and left to mature for months.Used in brutal initiation rites,wind ups,poisonings.Would cause a cast-iron elephant to Grand Slam.Its invention is the subject of squaddie myth everyone knows it was "Spanners M*****y", T****** S**** ,R***** F******* in Detmold/Stanley/Medicine Hat/Kirkcudbright or Crossmaglen and they were there when so and so puked/shat himself/burst into green flame/all of the aforementioned at once

    a truly evil concoction :twisted:
  10. Any Aussie (especially Tooheys), Canadian (except Labatts's Blue) and Septic "Brew" (especially Bud and Miller).

    Mind you, Samuel Adams isn't too bad.

    Samuel Adams

    Australian for Pish
  11. Ambit - or any other Maltese wine...
  12. Pint of Crazy K, take sip, drop shot-glass of Apfelkorn in. By the wonders of physics shot glass does slow rotation and lands upside down on base of pint. Each mouthful of beer then gets a trickle of korn in it, with final moutful pure evil..repeat as indicated by social occasion e.g. on rugby tour, until you fall down, tea with Queen Mother, until she does...

    Sambuca, cider, Pernod, Baileys, tomato juice and Fernet Branca - why? Because we were half way through the dullest Sunday in Edinburgh's history and needed to accelerate the process of oblivion...It wouldn't actually light interestingly enough..

    Red beer - tomato juice and Guiness...after two or three though this becomes best drink ever! I wonder how it would taste with V8..hmmm

    Kriek - cherry beer, no wonder the Belgians are the best surrender monkeys in Europe. If you woke up after a night on that stuff to find Germans stamping around in their jack-boots making explosions, you would surrender toute de suite matey...

    "Genuine Queen Victoria Black Dragon Scotch Whisk(e)y (sic)" - experienced in Taiwan, never forgotten...
  13. the gorilla snot is indeed bad! add a drop or two of grenadine, and you get the "goat scrote" completly vile!
  14. Baileys and Lime cordial enough said
  15. Sarajevo beer. It was the only stuff around when we first went into boz in 95. Came in pint bottles and provided a guarenteed headache after 2 bottles. Fcuking minging.