Worst drinks ever drunk?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spr_D, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. My old bosses informal BBQ pissup "dining out" involved magic shot glasses that held nine shots each. I remember doing three, apparently i had four or five.

    I was f*cked in half an hour...

    Aside from the standard cement mixers, Faetus', abortions, engineers, clockwork oranges, slippery shitstains etc.

    What drinks do you wish you'd never inflicted on yourself?
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  2. hangover piss in a bottle that I mistook for flat lager
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  3. Ratsapuz (sp?) Fucking awful stuff.
  4. Felin Foel bitter from the Welsh valleys! Doubles as sheep dip!
  5. Bitter Shandy made with Cream Soda instead of Lemonade.
  6. Bitter shandy made with tonic is pretty obnoxious too, but it DOES serve you right for drinkink a tart's drink!

  7. Not to be a "Tropper" but I have also done that, in the block in Germany. I think it was my own piss as the door was locked but I suppose I'll never know. It was in one of those old Glass coke bottles with a polystrene cover
  8. Home made "vodka" we bought off a Polish farmer during Uhlan Eagle 1
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  9. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Toss up between a "strawberry milkshake" (a shot of all the white spirits on the optics, advocaat (to give it the texture) and blackcurrant cordial), or a "curly head" (scotch and barley wine).

    I wasn't very well.....

    I was told that I had a weak stomach, but I was throwing the contents as far as I could.
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  10. I also awoke in a hotel room after a bit of a day session and it was 02:00 and I was wide awake. Nothing for it but to get pished again using the contents of the minibar, however all the mixers were already gone, Bacardi and water anyone.

    I don't like spirits so it was a bit of a challenge, there was Brandy in there and Gin. Got there in the end.
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  11. Lager and lime where I mistook a bottle of cooking oil for the bottle of lime. Downed pint in one without noticing. Several minutes elapsed until I threw up most of it, the oil however continued it's merry way southward, until it exited along with everything else next morning.
  12. The last pint of Stella in the hotel bar at 01.30hrs failing to remember that I had to be at the airport for 06.30hrs. Then trudging round trying to find a toilet that didn't have a hole in the ground.
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  13. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Da Nang, Vietnam 2004 ;

    Bought a bottle of 'Snake Wine' down the local market, as the name suggests it is wine with a snake in it. The snake looked like a small Cobra (had a Cobra type 'hood'). The market bloke said it was good for everything from arthritis to giving you the raging horn.

    Silly bollox here decides to open it and give it a go, at first it was mildly pleasant then it wasn't. Flashing lights in front of eyes and a general feeling of being poisoned amongst other things.

    After one day an aroma started to infect the atmosphere close to the bottle, it smelled like the aroma you get off a very wet Cocker Spaniel but stronger. The glass which I drank it out of was similarly tainted and no amount of washing could remove the smell.

    It went overboard close to the remains of Krakatoa down Java way.

    Fucking vile.