worst date EVER

Are you a regular on that forum? what is a pee bottle all about? Is it some sort of body builder thing?

I'm not surprised he was shatting all over the place. Judging by the name of the forum, bodybuilding.com, he will probably been on all that protein/creatine gear. Filling your body with all that stuff will make you churn out some hefty results in the pan.

The gym I sometimes go to has its fair share of fat necked 'roid heads who are allways doing protein farts and stinking the place out.

Poor fcuker, haha. Asking if he should get in touch with her again after re-decorating her mates bathroom!
The pictures are a fantastic visual aid. :)
No just my mate who uses it. I thought the pictures make the story that extra bit funnier! Poor basterd. I cant imagine a worse scenario for a date.
Yet won't use a public bathroom?! Think I'd rather do a crap there than at some girl I've only really just met place.
Me and a mate took the Kusak sisters out one night a few years ago in Sheffield. They were so self centred and arrogant we buggered off and left them to pay the bill in a restaurant. Pair of twats that they were.
Haha, I had a bad date once, not quite that dramatic, but I took a girl out, didn't really feel the connection and didn't mislead her just was nice and didn't promise anymore. Afterwards she's completely obsessed and wouldn't take no for an answer, apparently took an OD over me and about 6 months to get over it all.
Not sure what the piss bottle is all about like. What a mong.

My worst date ended in hospital, when some bloke tried to rob me at a cash machine by smashing a bottle off the back of my head. To cut a long story short, he never got anything and I had to get load of stitches above my ear. I was sure I was getting my end away that night as well, but I had to stay in hospital for observation. I was gutted.
Some of the replies leave something to be desired.

'o rly'

'epic thread'

'yup, epic thread'

I was under the impression an 'epic thread' required more than one awesome post. Which is in turn, a good reminder of why I peruse arrse.
Beware the Ides of March
Donkey-Spanker said:
Forks said:
Yet won't use a public bathroom?! Think I'd rather do a crap there than at some girl I've only really just met place.
Do you really want to know the worst date ever? I contacted a bird on a dating site and spent 3 days chatting to her before I suggested we meet. We met at a place she suggested and had a meal worse than the stuff they serve in police custody, which I paid for. After a few hours of drinks and talking I asked how she thought it was going to which she replied "Really well." We then walked to a nearby park, and as we sat on a bench I casually put my arm around her. That was when she screamed "WHAT ARE YOU DOING????". I replied that I thought this was a date and she had said things were okay. I was then informed that it wasn't a date, we were there as friends. What kind of friend takes you to a place that serves shite food, never tried by them, and lets you pay for swill?

Long story short: I gave her a few opportunities to admit to making a mistake but being a doris, she couldn't. I had to point out that her choice of venue was shite, her profile pictures were well out of date, and unless she lost weight she shouldn't use them. Oh, and putting your arm around a bird is not rape, YOU FECKING RETARD!! BURN IN HELL FOR WASTING MY TIME AND MONEY!

Edited to add: I'm over it now.
All that aside did you do her up the shitter?
Quite ironic, that a story about sh*tting everywhere, and mentally scarring some poor doris should have an advert for joining the Booties at the bottom!

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