Worst cities in Britain...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trombone84, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Starter for 10. PETERBOROUGH. It's 0243 and I'm home. I left the club we were in at about 0130 and spent ages lookng far a taxi who would actually take me anywhere near home ("dare troeing stonz innit brah" seems to be the excuse, whatever that means.) Judging by the state of my typing, I'm not too pissed either, that'll be the £3 a 4X! I skipped the kebab, i figured it wans't worth 5 or £6 and a fight with a pack of the local chav animals that roam the street. Has anyone else been anywhere quite as gash as "P'town" as the apparent cool kids are calling it these days, lately? I doubt it. What an utterly rancid and pathetic excuse for a "city". I'd prefer a night out in Dresden circa 1944/5.
  2. Preston. Its sh1t. and its englands new city. its total wank. there is nothing in it. two night clubs and a load of tramps. absolut bollocks of a place
  3. Any town with more than one mosque, apart from Laaandon
  4. Slough - full of immigrants per capita in uk followed closely by Houndslow
  5. Liverpool - CRAP!

    Full of thieving slimey fatherless scrounging wasters! If there was a chemical warfare missile that was for sale on e-bay I would buy it and deliver it to 'Scummerpool' where everyone still wears shell suits FFS!

    SCOUSE TO$$ERS the lot of them!
  6. I know its not a city but it is crap and this is Grantham I am on about.

    The pubs and so called clubs are sh1t
    the girls look like the fat slags from viz
    you can get a grandaughter, mother and daughter 4some with no dramas
    the local civpop are just retards!!!
  7. Grantham sounds like a cracking place to me....................
  8. you should see them and you may change your mind
  9. You make it sound like its a bad thing.
  10. Hull.

    If the world were to be given an Enema, Hull is where they would shove the pipe in.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Chatham, its not what it was 20 years ago!

    Edited to add it wasnt that good back then either but its a whole new pile of shoite now. Medway towns; breeding Mongs since the Navy arrived!
  12. This is true, sadly they are all the same woman........
  13. Stoke-on-Trent. Looks like the worlds biggest FIBUA village. The Cultural Quarter(?) seems to ne named that as it has the library!
  14. Seconds on Medway towns, thought it had gone down as far as it could but seems there is no end to the fall.
  15. oh good-my next posting is probably Chatham via B'dad (might just stay in the desert)