Worst bit of mil kit ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by polar69, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. Come on then, this has maybe been done before but...........

    Whats the worst piece of military kit currently in use ? And in your opinion why .. what would you do to change it

    Bowman and SA80 already been done to death so not allowed.

    Me ? SA80 oil bottle, bloody useless, if I can trash one on a short trip to the ranges what hope do the real soldiers have.

    I'm sure I remember having a metal one for my SLR, bring that sort back !!
  2. The '58 pattern backpack for starters - shrank when wet (too small anyway with side pouches tighter than a mouse's hoop), it'd rise up to twat your helmet over your eyes lying in the prone position, STUPID metal clips supposed to fix it to your webbing. Just pants.
  3. I agree, but I said "current" kit :)
  4. It were fookin current when I were in, laddy :lol: :oops:
  5. Foden Recovery Vehicle 6x6 GS! Sh1t drum winch,(should be a capstan winch) sh1t front winch (can't pull weight of vehicle), sh1t crane(should be 50t/m hiab type), quadrant instead of an underlift (again sh1t), to many electronics, it only needs hydraulics. Too high, too top heavy, gutless engine, sh1t brakes, useless exhaust brake, spare wheel (approx 100kg) 6ft off the ground, bin doors fall open, control boxes always failing, hydrostatic locks, amber flashing lights that always fall off, there is more but I'm sure your bored already!

    Oh and at £250000 a fcuking waste of money!
  6. 307

    307 War Hero

    PRC headsets, flimsy, uncomfy and overly bulky, when compared to the bliss that is the PRR headset, but then again, there's a hell of an age gap I guess.
  7. 58 pattern webbing was excellent apart from getting heavy when wet - you could only get in it, what was supposed to go in it, nothing more. The SLR oil bottle was useless, it was plastic and cracked easily - just as well it was supplied in a baccy tin - and contained enough oil for just one day (if it didn't leak).

    The PLCE webbing is junk - too much versatility results in too many straps and the buckles break too easily. Similarly, trying to remount full rocket pouches onto the bergan when you've got bored with a double day sack.

    Next is the carrier and girly ancilliaries bag for the clansman 351. At least with the old Larkspur A41 manpack, you could ditch your webbing and put everything in the pouches

    And the sleeping bag liners I was issued with for Telic 2 couldn't be attached to the tropical sleeping bag.

    I'd also complain about the replacement for the woolly pully if only there was one.
  8. Item ; Itchy scratchy Dangerous Brian headover , good for nothing else than stopping your mess tins making a racket and making you look like twat

    Solution ; Burn it

    Replacement ; Wooly hat and a shemag
  9. 307

    307 War Hero

    Headovers are ok, they can make a good cap comforter style hat and are surprisingly warm.
  10. The metal one was introduced in 1888 although it was an inch longer with a rather nice finale on the top, they knocked the additional inch off in 1895 and I suspect that you have just all discovered I'm a bit of an oil bottle anorack. :oops:
  11. You are fcuking joking, right?
  12. FFS could you be a bit more SPECIFIC
  13. Worst bit of military kit?

    Got to be the Right Angle Torch.

    1. Flimsy, the screw threaded lense cover always breaks, comes off or gets lost. cannot be replaced as an each item.
    2. Bulbs are poor, with time-began technology. Led bulbs would be better, with more light power, logetivity of life and less draw on the batteries...which leads me on..
    3. The batteries are cumbersome and need replacing often.
    4. The switch is prone to breaking, and the contacts within the Torch are again old technology, a decent knock damaging it beyond repair.
    5. Did I mention the spare lenses? The various coloured lenses are lost easily, especially when trying to change them in a harbour area or the back of a moving landie.
    6. They dont fit anywhere.. pack your kit including a Torch R.A. and thassit. fek all room for stickie bars and fags.
    7. No-one wants one, but every fekker nicks em (seemingly)
    8. Although theyre a small stores item and all of the above apply, the SQMS still tries to ass rape you if you come in and tell him you've lost it. 'Exercise loss, Sq.. genuinely!!' 'ARSEFEK BOLLIX FEK!' Sign this P1954 ya little Sod. You shouldnt have lost it / broken it.

    So! I put forward the Right Angle Torch. The pain in the ass G1098 Item that everyone loves to hate.

    Maglights are the way forward
  14. Jeez, I didn't realise the SLR was that old!
  15. The worst thing about the right angle torch is that all the component parts (that can be demanded separately if in stock at the depot) are C store but if you demand a complete R/A torch its an L store which is the reason you get arrse raped when you lose one.