Worst/best Xmas present this year?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Invicta, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. I got a miniature remote control helicopter! So far I've crashed it into the lampshade, the sofa, a (lit) candle and very nearly the cat (which is a lot quicker than its large girth would suggest). :D

    And before anyone asks, CR hasn't been sending me unsolicited gifts, though I do think that I'm the better pilot 8)
  2. An Iron.
  3. I got one of them made of polystyrene, weighs nothing, and goes like a rocket. Endless fun dive bombing the dog who leaps up to try and get it. And its mine so the kids can't have a shot !!!!!
  4. Thats the one!
  5. best?
    a son
    ok it was the 14th he arrived
    but i've not slept these past 10 days

    bottle of brut off my nan
    FFS thought they'd stop making it
  6. Best = Having and son

    Worst - Finding out it wasn't mine......................................

    My life feels like a soap opera.................
  7. Didn't get any so no contest really!
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    A Stylaphone and a ukelele.

    God help the neighbours. :)
  9. Worst - Nintendo WII - the embarressment of my kids kicking my arse on it.

    Best - Leccy shaver - I hadn't shaved for 4 days and was dreading a wet shave.
  10. Hearing from a certain former member of the Corps a full description of his latest disgusting operation, and realising that my medical issues are minor in comparison. Made my day, that.

    Of course, the bugger'll probably come out of it and start running marathons or something, and my liver'll put me into the ICU, but that's the way of these things; swings, roundabouts. Merry Christmas.
  11. best - finally got a Liverpool clock for the office and a magnetic bottle opener for the front of the beer fridge...

    worst was "The Best Opera Album in the World Ever", from her aunt and uncle - who have always displayed impeccable taste in the past, so we think they might be taking the piss :)
  12. Worst - 3 days before Christmas when garage is bulging with ales from around the World and the wine rack fit to collapse - From my GP, "well Mr B_A it appears you are one of the few people whose liver does not repair itself properly, you have no choice but to stop drinking now! :(

    Best - Guitar Hero World Tour for the PS3 - the whole family knocking out 80s rock tunes, discovering that young people can like good music too, and that Mrs B_A is a top drummer - a love of rhythm she has unfortunately not displayed in the previous 15 years! :lol:
  13. At least they did not cut out his wicked sense of humour though :wink:

    I hear he got a 120 inch plasma and an Audi Q14 for Christmas.
  14. A grooming kit fae the mother in law, consisting of nail clippers and a comb :?

    Wot the fcuk do I need that for, I shave my head !!!!!!
  15. Best: The Wii. Up till 2am this morning bowling against the out-laws, pyssed as a rat.

    Worst: Probably the crap gadget out of the cracker!

    Happy Christmas folks!