Worst baby name ever?

From the General Register Office statistics, last year one baby girl in Scotland was given the name ' PORPHYRIA' !!

Poppy 63
Poppy-Ann 1
Porphyria 1
Porsha 1


WTF were the parents thinking? I'm guessing that they didn't actually mention this to any medical staff. Either that or the maternity ward staff just sniggered and let them carry on.

(And 'Porsha' is going to be correcting other people's 'mistake' for the rest of her life.)
George and Bush spring to mind. Not once but twice. Will that family ever learn.
Then again you could not christen the second one oooops sorry Janitor or Junior "Make glorious crusader of Iraqi land for good and benefit of America and fathers unfinished business" Bush.
I once worked with a girl named Melina. For those of you who dont recognise this word the dictionary describes it as.
Melena or malaena, a symptom of peptic ulcers and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract .

Oh how we laughed when one of the blokes told her what it means and she ran off crying! 8O

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