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Worst (and Best) Jobs After Leaving The Army

My worst job was working nights packing out in a supermarket with a supervisor who had only ever worked for the company and seemed to think lives depended on all the tins beans facing the same way.

My favorite was driving a BFO tractor round a fruit orchard in New Zealand while shouting at the pickers to get a move on.
What is this ‘job’ you speak of?
it's that thing you used to do before you got the worst blow(up)job of your life
My worst job ever was working for an industrial waste treatment company running a waste treatment site. The company paid me for 40 hours per week but expected me to work 55-60 including being on call 24/7 for which I got paid no extra. It was wet, cold, physically hard and dirty with some of the worst managers I have ever known.

I stuck it out for 2 years because I needed a job and then got another better paid job elsewhere. I just about broke even [with a few quid spare every week] in terms of what I got paid and my living expenses but it had to be done.

Message for OP:
Suck it up, work your nuts off and then find another, better job.
My worst job was mucking out pig pens at the weekends, that really was a crap job.

Then I joined the army and the shit smelled a hell of a lot better.

Stick it out, keep applying for other jobs, and keep your fists in your pockets, otherwise you won't be going up any ladders but meeting Mr Snake instead.
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You are where you are because you got yourself there. Look at the wedge you don't get anymore for being an utter moronic twat.

It's one thing dishing shit out which you have now got form for and seemingly willing to do again, but quite another dealing with the consequences of your own actions?
Grow up, grow a pair, quit the narcissistic entitled "hard done to" cnutty crap. No one is really bothered about you as you are just now in fact they probably don't want a toxic time bomb like you near them. People pick up on chemistry of people who act like you and will act accordingly.

Change your attititude about yourself and others pronto or you will end up in the gutter in which you already have one foot. You are one "event" away from potentially being banged up, after which it's Cardboard City, putrid Nikes out of bins, stinking teeth, nob, arse and Sally Army soup.
In short...you are a heartbeat away from fucking what's left permanently.
You can choose to be the architect of your own destruction or construction.
One life, one chance...yours to blow up or flourish.
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keep onside with my Probation Officer as she is trying to get me taken on as ab apprentice
On a serious note, and I hate being serious in the NAAFI, but why not speak to your PO about doing a course?

If you did something in construction, plumbing, carpentry, plastering, tiling etc, there is plenty of work, you can work for yourself, the money's good and can change your life.

NAAFI; Tits, bum, fanny.
Gobby punchy fuckers who can't spell are exempt from searching for previous threads about a subject. Obviously.
Winning a 1/16th share of a tad over £5.2M on the works syndicate National Lottery allowed me to really wind back at 48. Can’t moan at that, but it wasn’t to bad before that either though. ;-)
My worst job was packing fresh fish in a freezer, my best job is probably my current one as a womble, been here 12 and a half years. Some good days, some bad days, but most spent in a comfortable newish 4x4. ;)
If you're (pretending to be) one of these things, why would you drive around in an SUV? Confused..

After leaving the Army, I had a temporary job as a Clrerical Assistant at a local UBO (Unemployment Benefits Office) as they were called back in the late 1970s. Some of the 'clientele' I had to interview when they made a claim for Unemployment Benefit were disinctly dodgy. some were more than psychotic, usually high on drink or drugs, Always complaining that their Giro cheque had been stolen/lost or ahd not turned up in post. They usually drank it and countersigned it and gave it to the usual back street money lenders as they were desperate for a 'swally' as theys ay in Scotland for a good drink.

If the local UBO Fraud Staff were around doing investigations, it was a wonder to behold the number of Benefits claims that were withdrawn by certain clients. It was a job that certainly opened my eyes to the rum lot that the great unwashed and bone idle in society were up to -- no doubt the same still happens today wih the dregs who appear on such as the 'Jeremy Kyle Show'.

The best job I had was working in IT for a local Police Force as a main-frame Computer Operator here in East Angular before I took early retirement at 55 after being ill with bowel cancer. My time as a'Bleep' working in the Royal Siganls eventually was useful when I came out of the Army and spent three years full-time a local FE college and gained HND level qualifications in Computers and Business Studies. Later on the get a Degree in Social Sciences and Humanties.

(and its all true I tell ye)
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Best job was as a solicitor for a restaurant chain, every so often one of the kitchen plebs would get threaders with getting paid fuck-all for working like a slave and deck one of our gobby dickhead kitchen managers. It was my job to get rid of them with minimum fuss and cost to the company, if I could get them a custodial then I got a bonus.

My worst job was a Parole Officer, gobby punchy bellends who had learned nothing from being locked up would bore me with their self-entitled woe-is-me attitude. I just signed their paperwork with a smile, then went home to my massive 6 Bedroom detached house for a blow job off my model wife who earns £1m per annum. This got me through the long days.

Hows things going for you @95pd ?

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