Worst album covers of all time?

Made me laugh!

That’s right, our favorite crackwhore is making another appearance. Sitting seductively on the crapper, lace panties around her ankles, about to beat someone with the shoe she has in her hand. Why can’t I meet a woman like Millie? I especially like the grimace on her face from the strain of trying to expel a bowling pin and three cue balls. The actual design isn’t that bad, really. The diamond pattern in the tile floor is mimicked in the title block around her name, which shows at least some thought going into the layout. If I had been the designer, I would have done two things differently- I would have splattered poo on the wall behind the toilet because poo is the funniest substance known to man, and I would have made the whole cover out of a huge scratch n’ sniff sticker.

Honestly now, be honest, which three ARRSE members pop to mind when you look at this picture?

The front and middle guy appear to be getting severly bummed, and frankly they're pushing to hard on the front guy, he looks fit to split! Guy in the middle is in a coming and going situation and back guy is just happy to be there!

I am so on that bus to hell.......

Beebs :?

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