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Worst Airport in the World?

World's worst airport

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Luton Airport own their landlord Luton BC a mere £400 Million.

It seems cargo dedicated airports like Stanstead, Prestwick, East Midlands, Heathrow & partly Gatwick are doing good business even though Menzies Aviation/WFS & Dnata the cargo handlers are shedding jobs at the moment.

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Going back many years remember story about old Speke Airport ,Liverpool. Bloke telling story said he had been on an exhaustive holiday involving many airports, finally landed back here on a connecting flight,waiting for luggage to arrive, no carousel or anything like that, swing doors crashed open and some poor sod appeared dragging a trolley in, with about 30 cases on it, not even a little electric buggy to help.......'ere you are, help yourselves.'
Not sure WB is talking of a Twotter if it can get from there to Las Palmas.

I did the differences rating in Calgary for the upgraded -400. Not overly impressed by the gimcrackery and I think they've sacrificed some redundancy for shiny screens and flashing lights. It's also been dumbed down somewhat with lots of little warnings that are superfluous in many cases and an irritation in others for those who know the type. It comes across as a bit of an arse covering exercise to keep stupid people off Darwin's list while sacrificing capability to bells and whistles.

They're building them in Calgary and completing in BC AFAIK, or is that the other way round? You see airframes moving on the line in Calgary and out the back from the walkway at the sim faciity at Pacific Sky. Strict no photography policy due to some keeni-meeni US mil stuff going in.

Under the skin it's still a Twotter and if you ignore the electronic tantrums it'll still do what you want safely and efficiently. All the flashing red lights will scare the shit out of your pax though, so expect a barrage of whining from the uneducated on landing. It's OTT for what it is, in my opinion. Also, the fittings seem to be a bit cheap and nasty. If it's an attempt to save weight, they did a shit job as they're actually heavier than the old ones and the non folding seats are a fucking pain to remove and replace for medevacs.

The tyres are normal gear, medium flotation gear or high flotation gear. Medium flotation is what you see in the muddy shot. It's even more efficient slightly deflated. High flotation gear is basically medium flotation nose gear in an enlarged fork, and the main gear is a pair of shaved, under inflated DC3 tyres standing slightly higher than waist high on the ground. Soft sand, swamps, tundra, you name it, the beastie eats it up.

I know Viking have the licences for all the great old types, but not sure they're going to build them all again. Hope they do though, especially the Buffalo. Upgrade the flight deck to be a bit more comfortable, but keep the steam instruments and chuck out those dodgy GE engines. PW120s or 123s will make it an absolute dream. I'm sure there's a market there for coastal surveillance and SAR. The ramp makes it versatile as hell, it can land on a beach and the upgraded engines will give it much better endurance. If Oz is serious about their coastal resources and tracking illegal immigrants, they'll be all over this.

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Further to my previous comment about this, I note in the light of a new day, that the above landing feat deserves considerable “BZeds” ... and must have been accompanied by a wondrous, starboard trim, indeed! Edit to add: pic attached above ref #495891 ... clarity, don’cha know.
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Came as a shock to leave the opulence of Dubai then deplaning at Newcastle, place is a shit hole.

I’d take NCL any day of the week. As pax or crew.

Downtown is also a considerably better night out. Hardy lasses up there, 4” of snow on the ground and oot on the toon in a wide belt, four sizes too small tank top and 5” heels. Their only (temporary) concession to the inclement weather seems to be to wear knickers.


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Also Basra. The joys of a 'cafe' whose food never changed in the three years I was travelling in and out, and one functioning loo with three cleaners sitting outside holding hands and smoking. Walking in, I found a fellow traveller had gone for a crap, missed by a country mile and left a trail from the cubicle and along the floor. That combined with the shoulder-barging Chinese/Indian travellers was enough to drive the blood pressure up considerably.
The highlight of Basra hitch was when Iraqi Aiways slowed down and Emirates started Basra to Dubai route. Always booked the back row of seats and found the trolley dollies could be convinced to dish out G&Ts as soon as doors were closed for take off and let us help ourselves during the flight.

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