Worst advert ever

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by General_Layabout, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. It's doing the rounds again,

    The pathetic little brat, "if you hit me at 40 mph theres around an 80% chance i'll die. Hit me at 30 theres around an 80% chance i'll live"


    LOOK before crossing the road and theres a BETTER than 80% chance of not being hit at all.

    And no i'm not condoning racing around the streets like some 18 year old with a catering baked bean tin stuck on the end of his Saxo's exhaust.

    What ever happened to the "Green Cross Code"
  2. Drinking on a school night are we?

    Yeah, kids should look, yeah, parents should parent and cnuts in large moving chunks of steel should slow the fcuk down, 30's the MAXIMUM in built up areas not a fcuking guideline you cnut! :evil: :evil: :evil:

    I can not believe the stupidity of this thread and I've started a few bone ones in my time!!!
  3. Not really you should be going 30 mph in built up ares. How are you going to feel if youve killed a little kid? Mind you of course the kids/parents should ensure theirs nothing comeing the other way.
  4. If you ever get the misfortune of having to deal with an RTA fatality, explaining to the parents of why their daughter was killed by a moron chav racing his escort around the neighbourhood, mounting the pavement because he was going too fast and only ending up with a 3 year driving ban kind of puts that advert in a different light.

  5. What's less advertised is that if you hit a kid at 20mph, they stand more chance of going under the car and being dragged to their death.

    Or perhaps that's the thinking behind the 20mph speed limits outside schools?

    Probably best not to hit the kid at all. Looking out for them would be easier if you weren't looking out for the 'kin speed humps all over the place.
  6. Well said that man. Drove past a school today, not only was I having to look out for brats just running across the road, without first checking. I also had to negotiate, the speed bumps, the 2 buses, sat at 2 of the 4 bus stops outside the school, 2 zebra crossings and a bloody mini-roundabout. Time the planners got a grip. Oh and all of this was outside a not exactly large primary school.
  7. Oh the harsh inconveniance of it all! If it upsets you that much, leave twenty minutes/half an hour earlier/later and miss it all you big jessie!
  8. Now try reading it again, without the vibrator up your arrse making your vision impaired. Where did I say that I could have passed it any other time.Sometimes life isn't quite that convenient. Although no matter when anyone passes that particular school those hazards will be there. Or do you think they all get taken away after school goes in at 0900 or whatever time it may be? I actually believe it is a terrible design by planners to put so many 'hazards' outside a primary school.
  9. There's a fair bit of evidence which suggests the less traffic calming shite and signs there is around the safer the roads are.

    but this is the naafi bar so why are we talking about that?
  10. And surely there's even more evidence around to suggest if we all walked no one would get knocked down by to$$er!

    Well, it is the NAAFI after all :D
  11. Because it's 0342hrs and those of us up at this time can do as we please :D :lick:
  12. Ditto - TVs shoite at this time and I wanna miss the rush hour in the a.m. by over sleeping to avoid the school run! 8)
  13. Yeah that extra 20minutes will really help :twisted: :wink: