Worst Ad line ever!!!!

Whilst driving through the patch this morning I saw an ASPIRE van parked up at the side of the road with the slogan "Making Soldiers Lives Better!" written on the side of it!

Is this the worst line in advertising history ever or can anyone top that? Unless being fecking useless at their "skills" and being totaly incapable of turning up at a prescribed time somehow makes my life better!


The Welsh tourist board are banned from interjecting!


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My life is better just knowing that I (as a soldier) am a gazillion times better than any of the Aspire mongs. So really, they're right!
Surely with a tag line like "Making Soldiers Lives Better!" it'll be better suited for . . . .

  • Stella Artois, Decent Bitter and Alco-Pops (for the poofs)
  • Scuzzy Women
  • PIP (and others) Breast Implants
  • Osprey
  • Good divorce lawyers
  • Caneston Cream
  • err . .
  • . .That's it
Fuuuuuccccccckkkkk. Can't for the life of me remember the name of the company involved.

It was the start of the mobile phone era, sometime around 96-97 ish I'm guessing a mate of mine had spent a few quid investing in a franchise to sell phones for some company long since swallowed up by the bigger fish.

(one on one, 121 something gash like that.)
The advertising slogan was "keeping you in touch with those that matter most" or something along them lines, back in the day the coverage from the 3 antennas they had was so bad every time he made a phone call he was directed to a bunch of indian fellas in a sweat shop in kathmandu.

Ha turns out though that they were the ones that mattered most........little bastards.

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