Worship? Intersting idea.


A military jury in Colorado issued a reprimand last night to an Army interrogator who was convicted of negligent homicide for using an aggressive technique on an Iraqi general who died during questioning.
Welshofer shoved him into a sleeping bag, wrapped him in a cord and straddled him in a last-ditch effort to gete him to talk. The general stopped breathing during the session.
Originally, Welshofer and three other soldiers were charged with murder in Mowhoush's death, and Welshofer faced the possibility of life in prison.
Jurors opted for no prison time and imposed a $6,000 fine and restricted him to work, his place of worship and barracks for 60 days
I understnad. If you abuse prisoner, slightly beat him then you would get 10 years. Role of photo-model would cost you 3 years in prison. But himicide is not a serious crime.

I suppose those who beheaded Western hostages should worship two months (according to American juros) and that's all (and pay $6000 of course).

Worship as a punishment is an intersting hint made by our American friends. British justice should carefully investigate this idea.


During the unit's previous tour, a detainee was beaten to death during questioning and a unit commander carried a baseball bat that he called his "Iraqi beater."

"We understand why you fight," McMaster recalled telling Sunni Arab leaders with ties to the insurgency.

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