Worse NAAFI shop in the British Army.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smudge055, Aug 15, 2010.

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  1. I've often wondered where the worse NAAFI shop can be located & what makes it so shit especially as some people often have to rely on them because of location & lack of transport. Well I think I may have found two likely candidates and I'm sure one will be the worse NAAFI shop in the British Army. I believe that it's a two horse race between the NAAFI shop in Deepcut with it's extortionate prices and Abingdons NAAFI shop which seems to be always empty and to be honest doesn't really serve any purpose at all because of that said reason but I'll leave it to you to decided so please feel free to say which NAAFI shop you think deserves the title of the shittiest NAAFI shop in the British Army.
  2. Any shop on any Army base.
  3. Middle Wallop - It's pretty wank to be honest.
  4. And all the staff in these 'shops' are particularly unhelpful.
  5. Just a small picky point, non of the shops in the UK are actually run by NAAFI anymore but your right some of the shops on some camps are quite dire.
  6. So does that mean we can include all small supermarkets near to/in barracks or only refer to overseas shittiest Naafi shops?
  7. The EFI in Kandahar is a total rip off. Buying gear from the PX and selling at a 30% mark up

  8. It was horrendous 13 years ago, and I very much doubt it has changed at all!

    Mind you, MW isn't exactly the best posting in the Army is it?
  9. The NAAFI in Abingdon has a long history of being shite, when Abbo was a RAF camp it manged to sell mainly out of date overpriced crap with the ugliest and surliest staff in the Command.....nice to hear some things don't change
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  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Fuck in ell that was a terrible NAFFI
    I once had to stop in some crap accomodation either above it or next to it I can't quite remember
    I missed scoff and the choices they had were terrible even a sausage roll was like asking for a new something they'd never heard of
  11. Lydde shop run by the most miserable cunt and staff I have ever met.
  12. Sums up every EFI. :)
  13. Fallingbostel NAAFI MAX is very bad. This is mostly due to the unfriendly staff and poor range of products. Even the sales are shit.
  14. I thought Bielefeld pads NAAFI could well be the forerunner to the worst NAAFI in BFG.

    Beyond pants
  15. I think it all went to shite when we got rid of ration cards